M7 Summons 1,000 Commandoes Over Besigye


side effects geneva;”>Aronda swiftly directed that all security officers on foreign courses return to the country by last Friday.

approved geneva;”>Subsequently, over 300 security officers who were on a special crowd control training in London jetted in last Friday.

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The officers had been picked from several intelligence and security organs to undertake latest urban warfare tactics. Others jetted in on Saturday night.

However, when intelligence filtered in that Col. Kizza Besigye would re-launch walk-to-work this week, military commanders had to take swift measures.

According to security sources, 10,000 sterilizing pistols have since been secured.

Bullets from these pistols do not kill but paralyze rioters. They will be used in case Besigye’s protestors use violent means to overthrow government.

The pistols were secured to avoid a huge death toll that would land security chiefs at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Hundreds of spy cameras have been secured for unit commanders so as to gather ample evidence against protestors for criminal prosecution.

Col. Kizza Besigye told Makerere students last month that 2012 would be a year of bloodshed and liberation.

FDC bosses yesterday held a beach bash in which organizers of walk-to-work received tips on how to coordinate the upcoming political activities.

FDC party leaders have of late been mobilizing billions of shillings from foreign donors with the view of providing adequate legal assistance for arrested protestors.

The development comes at a time of heightened tension between opposition and Museveni’s government.

Security sources say Museveni went livid after being told that the traders’ strike that paralysed business in Kampala was masterminded and supported by Besigye.

The return of walk-to-work could spell doom for Uganda’s shrinking economy.

Property worth billions of shillings was destroyed and innocent lives killed during last year’s walk-to-work demonstrations.


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