UPC National Council Overthrows Otunnu


healing geneva; font-size: small;”>Top party official Maj. Edward Rurangaranga says the meeting comprising UPC MPs and party representatives from districts across the country concurred Otunnu had failed to deliver as president.

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visit web geneva; font-size: small;”>Otunnu was further faulted for falling short of uniting party members.

stuff geneva; font-size: small;”>“Members found out that Otunnu had failed to work for the advancement of party objectives. They realized that the only way to save the party is to remove him from power,” Rurangaranga tells

He says the National Council has given Otunnu only 21 days to convene the UPC delegates’ conference to elect a new party president.

“If Otunnu does not call the delegates conference, the delegates will call themselves and do the needful,” Rurangaranga warns.

Party members discovered that there was something wrong at party headquarters especially with Otunnu and saw it fit to consult on the way forward, Rurangaranga says.

Asked whether the meeting did not contravene Wednesday’s interim court order restraining four top party officials from summoning the National council, Rurangaranga asserted: “Nakawa High Court directed that four of us including David Pulkol, John Odit and Moses Nuwagaba not to call this meeting. But members called themselves and the meeting was chaired by MP Beti Amongi. Court did not say members should not call themselves.”

The development will surely deepen the rift among UPC leaders.

With the mandate of the National Council, it’s very unlikely that Otunnu will survive the delegates’ conference.

Otunnu overestimated his hold on power when he fired Rurangaranga, a respected party elder.

To avoid a coup, Otunnu has been reshuffling Cabinet, replacing hardliners with loyalists.

Only time will tell whether Otunnu will out maneuver his nemesis in this political chess game.

The delegates’ conference could place the last nail in th coffin of Otunnu’s political career.

The former presidential contestant shocked the world when he failed to participate in the February elections after months of campaigning across the country.

Political pundits dismissed him as a political comedian.


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