Court Blocks Rurangaranga's Plan To Overthrow Otunnu


Sacked party chairman Rurangaranga told last week he was mobilising signatures from members across the country to hold the National Council with the view of ousting their President Olara Otunnu.

Rurangaranga accuses Otunnu of inefficiency and laxity in strengthening party structures.

Rurangaranga is backed by rebel MPs Benson Obua-Ogwal, James Akena among others and party youth leaders.

In reference to a petition filed by party vice president Joseph Bossa, Justice Esther Nambayo ordered:

“An interim order issued restraining the respondents and or their agents from conducting any business on behalf of Uganda Peoples Congress and specifically from Convening the National Council.”

According to UPC National Youth leader Patrick Aroma, the order is in force for seven days pending the hearing of the main suit where Rurangaranga and his men will have to prove to Court that they are still Party Officials empowered by the Constitution to transact Party business.

The move is aimed at checking Rurangaranga’s forces from overthrowing Otunnu.

The development is clear evidence of the growing rift between top party shots which NRM could exploit in future to plunge UPC into the dustbin of history.


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