Court Summons Fufa President Over Fraud


The summons are in connection with the alleged amendment of the Constitution without approval of the General Assembly.

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Mulindwa follows his predecessor the late Denis Obua, who was in November 2004 dragged to court, and later jail for a fortnight, over embezzlement.

The latest development suggests little, if any, signs of football wrangles in the country abating.

Private prosecuting advocates Mulema Mukasa and David Ssempala are representing football activists, Save Our Soccer (SOS), a pressure group.

Ironically, Mulindwa’s accusers are no different from Obua’s. Renowned football pundit and KCC spokesman Aldrine Nsubuga and SC Villa fans’ coordinator Dennis Mbidde are the same people who dragged Obua to court in 2004.

Mulindwa is jointly charged with Fufa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Edgar Watson and Muhamadi Bazirengedde, the Fufa vice chairman in charge of the Legal Standing Committee.

They are facing three charges of making documents without authority, forgery and making false documents, as well as fraud and breach of trust.

“There is a prema facie case against the accused persons,” said Magistrate Silvia Nabaggala directing the trio to appear before court on January 24.

Prosecution alleges that on or about August 2010, the accused, with intent to defraud or to deceive and without the lawful authority of the General Assembly of Fufa or excuse made, signed an amended Constitution of Fufa and included Articles that were never approved and excluded articles that were not a subject of amendment.

According to the charge sheet, Mulindwa and the two administrators in discharge of their respective offices committed acts of fraud and breach of trust when they included extra contents in the amended constitution of Fufa.

It is alleged that the suspected officials prepared or caused to prepare, signed a purported amended constitution of Fufa 2010 and presented it for registration and thereafter presented it to the public as the authentic amended constitution of Fufa 2010.

This is the second time in less than a year for court to summon Fufa officials over alleged mismanagement of football operations in the country, a matter resulting from disagreements between the federation and league managers-Uganda Super League limited.

The same court last year summoned Mulindwa jointly with then secretary of competitions committee, Moses Magogo and Sam Lwere (Fufa Head of Security) to appear for plea taking.

They were facing three charges of neglect of duty, disobedience of statutory duty and common nuisance but the case was later settled out of court.


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