Kagame Fires Ruthless Mulama


President Paul Kagame today January 9 sacked Mulama for unknown reasons.

But the sacking comes at a time of when journalists are fleeing Rwanda to foreign countries, citing harassment.

Mulama confirmed to Rwanda media house Igihe: “The response will be given by the MHC chairman, its true I’ve handed over to Emmanuel Mugisha, from now I’m going to take a rest- a small leave to be precise.”

Arthur Asiimwe the MHC Chairman Board of Directors says:

“Mulama was a senior government official and as you know government has the prerequisite to appoint, reshuffle or fire any of its officials if need arises. Therefore within its mandate, government made changes in MHC in which Mulama has been given temporary leave and a new acting Executive Secretary Emmanuel Mugisha has been appointed.”

Asiimwe says all these changes are aimed at re-energizing the institution and ensuring it meets its mandate.

Mulama caused a huge trek of journalists who later set up anti-government media outlets such Umusingi.

Mulama was uncompromising and issued tough penalties for scribes who were critical of government.

His disgraceful departure has been welcomed by dozens of scribes in exile, especially Godwin Agaba.

Reports indicate Mulama has been transferred to head a media desk at Directorate of Military Intelligence.

The move could be aimed at winning the hearts of journalists who have of recent given Kagame headache and a run for his money.


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