President Abbas Visits M7 Over Looming Iran War


advice geneva; font-size: small;”>The President, who is accompanied by several ministers and other senior government officials, is visiting Uganda for the second time.

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He was here in 2010 to attend the African Union (AU) summit in Kampala.

Abbas is the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the President of the Palestine National Authority, positions he has held since 2005. He succeeded the late Yasser Arafat who died in 2004.

Abbas’s trip comes at a time when Iran, which has for long funded PLO, is facing an imminent joint attack by United States and Israel for developing nuclear materials.

Tension heated up in the Middle East last night after Iran announced she would hold another round of mind-blowing military exercises in the contentious Strait of Hormuz.

A sixth of the world’s oil goes through Hormuz.

Iran has further stated it will block Hormuz once attacked by United States, a move that would cripple economies around the world.

US army commanders have vowed to make good use of her Navy to bring Iran to order in response to the Islamic country’s planned move.

Should western powers attack Iran, Palestine will bear the ghastly brunt of the war.

Therefore with several western powers stepping up the war rhetoric against Iran, with the latest being Canadian Premier Harper describing Iran as “the most dangerous country on earth,” war seems inevitable in the Middle East.

It’s more likely that Abbas is in Uganda to encourage President Museveni to woo US President Barrack Obama and Israel Premier Binyamin Netanyahu not to attack Palestine’s God-father – Iran.

Museveni is an influential leader in the world who has immensely helped US block the spread of radical Islam in Africa.

He has helped US defeat Al Qaeda-backed Al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia, with the latest information showing the entire Capital Mogadishu has fallen in the UPDF hands.

He is regularly consulted by Israel for intelligence in the region and recently traveled to Tel Aviv where he met Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres.

Abbas seems to believe Museveni could use magic to thwart blistering raids on Iran, attacks that could turn the Middle East into smoldering rubble.

Abbas is well known as a peacemaker and has of late stepped up efforts to have Palestine recognized by United Nations as a sovereign state.


According to State House officials, Uganda and Palestine enjoy strong and historical, political relations and both countries have a common membership of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) based in Saudi Arabia.

Uganda recognized the PLO as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and the PLO had offices in Kampala until 1990. Along with some 182 other countries in the world, Uganda recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to self determination.

Uganda has consistently called upon the Israeli and Palestinian parties to resume negotiations and reach a lasting peaceful settlement of their conflict based on the two-state solution where the State of Israel and the State of Palestine exist side by side in peace and security.

During the official visit, President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to hold discussions and exchange views with President Yoweri Museveni on bilateral, regional, Middle East and international issues of mutual interest.

Minister for Security, Hon. Muruli Mukasa, State Minister for Regional Affairs, Hon Asumani Kiyingi, the Head of Civil Service, John Mitala and the Commander of Air Force, General Jim Ow’oyesigire, were at Entebbe International Airport to receive the visiting President of the State of Palestine.


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