Ankole Prince Undertakes Cow-Milking Lectures


tadalafil geneva;”>Barigye spent the better part of his Christmas holiday receiving training from his cattle keepers at the Muhabura palace in Mbarara, what is ed western Uganda.

visit this site geneva;”>Photographs show Barigye, who has vowed to fight till the kingdom is recognised by government, using a blue bucket to milk a long-horned cow.

In one of the pictures, Barigye’s instructors are seen advising the prince on the best milking skills.

Barigye’s move has been perceived as an attempt to position himself as a King of the people –a king who cherishes the significance of cattle rearing in the Ankole culture.

In a strongly worded New Year message, Barigye said in Runyankole: “Mwimukye mubarwe, murekye okwekiika omu mihegyeyo, mwegambe murugye enyima yabandi kandi murugye enyima yensika (Stand up and be counted among the heroes. Shunning the struggle is sheer cowardice.)

President Yoweri Museveni has insisted the Banyankole detest traditional rulers and vowed never to recognise the Omugabe (King).

Barigye’s father passed away last year.


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