Ministers Bbumba, Makubuya Must Quit –State House


health clinic geneva; font-size: small;”>Presidential Press Spokesperson Tamale Mirundi says MPs are wasting their time by mobilising signatures to censure the duo from Parliament over the scandal.

what is ed geneva;”>“I can assure the whole nation that Bbumba and Makubuya cannot remain in Cabinet. How? They are just dead bodies. They are finished, pharmacy ” Mirundi said during a talk show at Super Fm a few hours ago.

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“They joked with people’s money. We are talking in billions. They must pay for this. Whether MPs censure them or not, they have to go. The President is not stupid,” Mirundi added.

Mirundi’s statement is the latest official information confirming the minister’s days in Cabinet are numbered as MPs gather signatures required for their censure.

By Wednesday night, MPs said they had gathered 110 signatures out of 125 required to kick out the Ministers for paying an exorbitant amount of money to the city tycoon as compensation for loss of Nakasero market.

“President Museveni told the nation that Bbumba was an active Finance Minister but withdrew her to ‘take care of the children.’ Museveni cannot spare them because they colluded with Bank of Uganda to steal billions from the tax payer,” Mirundi, well not for not mincing his words, roared.

“Museveni is always on the side of the people not the corrupt,” Mirundi added.

“Bank of Uganda no longer has a name. Even the Deputy Governor Loius Kasekende has been quiet. Why? He should come out and explain this issue of Bassajabalaba,” Mirundi charged.

“Museveni did not determine the amount of compensation for Bassajabalaba because he is not a government valuer. These people in Attorney General’s chambers inflated the figures and BoU paid. This is theft. They have to go,” Mirundi noted.

Museveni last month told MPs on Public Accounts Committee Syda Bbumba was an active minister but “when I got these reports, that is why in this new government I said may be you can look after the women as we investigate because I wanted to get to the truth.”

Makubuya was Attorney General before he was sacked and relegated to the inconsequential General Duties portfolio.

“These two ministers will be handled fairly but they will be handled. There is a problem with the Attorney General’s office and because of this I started being suspicious of it. The minimum we should do is recovering this money from Basajjabalaba,” Museveni said.

Museveni last month forced his Presidency Minister Kabakumba Masiko to resign for reportedly stealing UBC equipment for his private radio station in Masindi district.

By firing Makubuya and Bbumba Museveni will have confirmed his determination to crack down on corrupt official who reportedly loot Shs500bn from government per annum.


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