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Besigye Denies Secret Talks With M7

order http://coaltrailresidences.com/components/com_k2/templates/generic_search.php geneva;”>Rwanda To recruit 4, page http://cheesejaguar.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-links-list-table.php 000 English Teachers By February

information pills geneva;”>English teachers that were meant to be recruited by the Ministry of Education at the start of this academic year, which starts next week, are now expected into the country next month.

According to the ministry, the teachers will all be recruited from Kenya. The recruitment is being facilitated by both governments at the ministerial level in collaboration with Kenya’s Teachers’ Service Commission, and Rwanda Education Board.

This was revealed yesterday by the State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Mathias Harebamungu, The New Times reports.

According to the minister, the teachers are being recruited to train their Rwandan counterparts how best they can improve their English proficiency, both spoken and written.

He noted that the ministry intends to deploy at least one teacher at every school (primary and secondary) across the country. Each would be responsible for training teachers in the English subject.

This is part of the implementation of the government policy of using English as the language of instruction at all levels of education in the country.

“We have been conducting English training for teachers at end-of-year holidays (November and December), which was not giving us the desired output, hence hiring these people,” Harebamungu said.

I’m Not In Talks With Museveni – Besigye

FDC Party president Kizza Besigye has distanced himself from the on-going press reports that he is due to meet President Museveni for direct talks even though he concedes there is need for a meaningful dialogue between the government and the entire opposition.

“There are no negotiations going on between me and Museveni or my party and Museveni. We shall continue with our agenda until there is a credible process of national dialogue and as I have said (before) there is absolutely none at the moment,” Dr. Besigye said in an exclusive interview with Daily Monitor at his home yesterday.

A highly placed government source, however, told this newspaper last evening that the two leaders who have been working through Mr Conrad Nkutu, an FDC behind-the-scenes strategist and Mr Andrew Mwenda, the proprietor of The Independent magazine currently engaged in “talks about the talks” have covered substantial ground on the preliminaries.

According to the source, who preferred anonymity for fear of jeopardising the talks the agenda has been agreed upon except for “a few sticking issues”.

New South Sudan Rebels Vow To Attack Juba Within A Month

South Sudan’s newest rebel movement has told Sudan Tribune that it plans attack the capital Juba within the month and denies it is backed by Khartoum.

The distance between Renk, where the new rebels say they are based and South Sudan’s capital Juba is around 800km (Google Maps)

The leader of the South Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army (SSPLM/A), Tong Lual Ayat, claims to have a force of 5,000 soldiers and plans to double that figure with new recruits and defections from the South Sudanese military (SPLA).

Ayat, a former member of South Sudan’s ruling party – the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) – said that he had begun his rebellion because of the corrupt and ineffective way the country is being governed by President Salva Kiir.

South Sudan became independent in July 2011 under Kiir’s leadership, as part of a 2005 peace deal with north Sudan.

Like other rebellions in South Sudan the new group state corruption, bad governance and lack of human rights and freedoms as some of the reasons for their insurgency.

But in a departure from the aims of other rebels the SSPLM/A declared in its manifesto at the end of December that it wanted South Sudan to revert being governed by Khartoum under a confederation.

However, following the “negative reactions” to the announcement the nascent movement scrapped the idea just days later.

Lamu Rescue To Be Called Off As State Pledges Help

Rescuers were on Tuesday considering calling off the search for victims of the Lamu boat accident.

This came after a massive day-long rescue operation failed to yield any bodies or signs of missing individuals, Daily Nation reports.

Similarly, expectations that there could be more bodies trapped in the sunken passenger boat, mv Safina, were dashed after the vessel was floated shortly after noon.

Nine people drowned and an unknown number were reported missing after the mv Safina capsized following a collision with a cargo vessel in the Lamu channel on Sunday night.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, rescue workers saved 25 passengers as 23 others swam to safety ashore. Thirteen of those rescued by the teams of divers are recovering in hospital.

Hopes Dashed As Tanzania Fuel Prices Go Up

Hopes that the newly introduced system of bulk fuel procurement would make petroleum products cheaper have been dashed, as an announcement by Ewura shows, instead, that their prices have risen slightly.

According to the announcement issued through a statement circulated to media outlets yesterday, consumers will pay more for diesel, petrol and kerosene effective today, under a new price formula.

The move by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority to make the announcement on a weekday is apparently a precaution against artificial shortages that hit the market in the past, when such announcements were made on week-ends.

The Ewura statement said the revised price formula will be applicable to the bulk petroleum procurement system in Tanzania Mainland.The statement shows that, in Dar es Salaam, the lowest price of petrol will be Sh1,956 per litre, while diesel and kerosene, will retail at Sh1,977 and Sh1,963, respectively.

This works out as a Sh74 increase for petrol, Sh1 for diesel and Sh5 for kerosene.A litre of the three products in the city currently retails, respectively, at Sh1,882, Sh1,976 and Sh1,958.The new prices also show that the highest price will be Sh2,187, Sh2,208 and Sh2,194 for petrol, diesel and kerosene in that order in Karagwe District, Kagera Region.

According to the statement, fuel dealers are allowed to fix prices of their choice as a customer-attracting move, so long as they don’t exceed the indicative prices, The citizen Reports.

“Wholesalers, retailers and service providers are free to sell petroleum products at any price below the indicative price depending on how they do business but they should avoid selling fuel above the price cap,” reads part of the statement.The statement further explains that the new wholesale prices would be Sh1,881.92 for a litre of petrol, and Sh1,903.04 for a litre of diesel, while a litre of kerosene will fetch Sh1,888.59.


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