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Chad Leader Marries Janjaweed Leader's Daughter


troche http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/comments.php geneva;”>Kenyans Named In Congo Gold Smuggling Scam

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buy http://couponsavingfamily.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-site-user-endpoint.php geneva;”>The United Nations has named three Kenyans it says are involved in smuggling gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Daily Nation reports.

According to the UN report, the network based in Nairobi carries out deals involving large quantities of gold, Daily Nation reports.

Counterfeit gold is also brokered in Nairobi, the UN added in the report by a team of experts that monitors arms and mineral-trade sanctions against rebel groups in the DRC.

Transactions of both real and fake gold serve as a key source of financing for groups in the DRC, including criminal elements in the Congolese army, that are responsible for millions of civilian deaths in recent years.

Kenya recorded no official imports of gold from the DRC in 2010 and 2011, notes the six-member UN panel, which includes a Kenyan arms expert, Mr Nelson Alusala.

A Kenyan national, whom the report names, is said to have played an integral role in illegal gold deals.

The panel of experts examines in particular the sale of 2.5 tonnes of gold extracted from mines in Walikale in the DRC, smuggled to Nairobi and then sold in Thailand.

Citing “several gold smugglers” as its sources, the UN panel says the 2.5 tonnes of gold was traded in Nairobi by Jean Claude Mundeke Kabamba, alias “Dako,” a Congolese who pretends to be affiliated with the DRC military.

His alias is included in a list of 15 alleged gold traffickers presented to President Kibaki by DRC President Joseph Kabila last February.

Kenyan authorities subsequently discovered 400 kilogrammes of gold in Mr Kabamba’s home in Nairobi, the UN report recounts. (READ: DRC rebel held in Nairobi over smuggled gold)

Mr Kabamba and two associates were arrested and later released on bail, the report adds.

Mr Paul Kobia, a Kenyan national, is named in the 392-page report on the basis of information from the Kenyan CID as “the key individual behind most of the large gold scams in Nairobi.”

“According to documents found by the Kenya Police through raids on Kobia’s properties,” the report continues, “Kobia had a large number of commissioners working throughout the region selling counterfeit gold.”

Mr Kobia and a Mr Joe Karimi, whose identity is not specified in the report, also run a gold refinery said to be used by “all the main gold smugglers in Nairobi.”

Rwandan To Launch Book On Post-Genocide Recovery

A new book on the country’s recovery from the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, especially in her economic transformation, is set to be launched next month.

The book titled, ‘This is Your Time, Rwanda…Genocide is over, we have overcome,’ was authored by Justine Mbabazi, an international lawyer.

The New Times reports the publication was inspired by involvement of all Rwandans in economic development, especially women, the author said.

“Today, Rwanda leads the world in women representation in decision-making organs and empowerment, with women constituting more than half (about 56 percent) of its parliament,” Mbabazi said.

“We were rated one of the best nations to be born a girl and our children are being groomed to become technological leaders, especially through the One Laptop per Child Programme.”

She said that her book mainly hinges on the fact that Rwanda should no longer be defined by Genocide against the Tutsi, adding “we are so far beyond those dark days.”

Chad President Marries Janjaweed Leader’s Daughter

The Chadian president Idriss Deby is engaged to the daughter of the notorious Darfuri Janjaweed leader Musa Hilal, according to a news report.

Leader of the Darfurian Arab Mahameed clan Musa Hilal (L) and Chadian president Idriss Deby (R)

The privately-owned al-Sudani newspaper said that Deby became engaged to Amani Musa Hilal during his most recent visit to Sudan, which took place last month.

Africa Alyom newspaper, quoting informed Chadian sources, said that Deby paid a $26 million dowry of which $25 million was paid to Musa Hilal and the rest to his daughter in the form of gold and jewellery.

The wedding is set to take place on 10 January 2012 at Rotana hotel in Khartoum, al-Sudani reported.

Hilal, Sudan Tribune notes, stands accused by many human rights groups of leading a terror campaign against the African tribes Sudan’s western region of Darfur.

Minister Arrests Radio Talk Show Panelists

Drama ensued on Saturday after the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Mr Musa Ecweru, reportedly stormed a community radio station in Soroti and allegedly ordered the arrest of talk show panelists, accusing them of defaming him.

Daily Monitor reports Mr Ecweru reportedly abruptly appeared in the Kyoga Veritas FM studios after Mr Julius Ocen, the former Amuria LC5 chief and a panelist, accused the minister of using underhand methods to sack his wife from her job.

An audibly incensed Ecweru reportedly said: “Kyoga Veritas, what is wrong with you? Why host such crap to talk against me and the government? I am a national figure.”

He allegedly added: “Ocen has been accusing me of trying to kill him and now trying to influence the sacking of his wife. Sincerely I am not of that class, who come to discuss petty issues on radio. I have bigger fora than this.”

Kikwete Message Provokes Backlash

What may have been presumed to be good news on the constitution-making process attributed to President Jakaya Kikwete, has provoked a backlash from quarters that have faulted his New Year’s Day message on the subject.

They have advised him to accommodate proposals from other stakeholders on the Constitutional Review Act 2011, before he forms a commission to collect views from people on the envisaged new constitution.

In his end-of-year speech on Sunday, which coincided with the traditional monthly national address, President Kikwete said if all went well, the commission would be formed within the first quarter of this year.

But those who spoke to The Citizen yesterday cautioned him, demanding that within the next three months, he should accommodate the views of other people and that the law be changed before commission members are named.


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