Kagame Under Attack Over Uganda X-mas Trip


web geneva; font-size: small;”>John Karuranga says according to Rwanda culture, sale Christmas holiday is a special time for countrymen to spend with their families and friends and cherish the country’s traditions.

“Unfortunately our President does not hold this same value. The RPP believes that President Kagame’s stay in Uganda during this time was a sign that he is no longer in touch with the people that elected him into office,” Karuranga says.

Kagame spent the festive season with Uganda’s First Family at President Museveni’s upcountry home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district.

The five-day state visit, according to State House, was aimed at bolstering ties between Uganda and Rwanda.

Museveni last year flew to Kigali where he spent four days.

However, Karuranga says Kagame has made a record as the first president to spend the Christmas Holiday outside his country.

“Kagame should have spent Christmas discussing issues affecting his fellow countrymen and bringing this divided country together,” says Karuranga.

“Was he ashamed of the people or the orphans who went without anything to eat or drink on this special holiday? Why was he not present in his home country to serve those who continue to starve and live in destitution?” asks Karuranga.


Speaking from Sweden a few hours ago, Karuranga further told our news desk the winds of change are about to sweep Rwanda like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

“No force in this world can stop that from happening. As we are heading into the final phase of victory, the RPP appeals to all Rwandans to have the courage and the desire to relate with past, understand the present so as to deal with future effectively,” he notes.

Kagame told media in Kampala last month he had ‘medicine’ for those who intended to destabilise his country.

He denied reports of stifling civil liberties and assassinating political opponents.

“In Rwanda, apart from the horrific genocide of 1994, today, we continue to endure the most painful suffering and human degradations that had ever taken place in the 20th century,” Karuranga notes.

He says Rwandans die of hunger and starvation and are subjected to forced sterilization.

Karuranga says Kagame persecutes and assassinates political rivals in and outside Rwanda.

“The Rwandan struggle for a peaceful and non-violent democratic change is now taking place, similarly to that of our revolutionary brothers in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain etc. while our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have turned their sorrow into tears of joy,” he notes.


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