Firebrand MP Fuels Rebellion Against Otunnu


Opening the UPC Youth Conference at Sports View Hotel, website Kireka today Friday, health MP Benson Obua-Ogwal said:

“Youths are very important to any party worth its salt, check and any party that does not take its youth seriously is doomed to fail. It has no future.”

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Obua added: “While you are here today, you need to deeply ponder whether you are really important, or feel important to your party or not. Whether you have been given you space or not. If not, you need to demand your space and occupy it.”

UPC youth recently overthrew Otunnu as party President for reportedly embezzling party funds.

Police officers led by Andrew Kaweesi arbitrated in the dispute, thus saving Otunnu’s political career.

Otunnu responded by firing top officials David Pulkol, John Odit, Moses Nuwagaba and party chairman Edward Rurangaranga.


Obua said UPC youth should rise up to defend the party from being destroyed by Otunnu.

“At this point, let me give you a few characteristics of a youth: Youthfulness is nature’s gift, Youth are proud of who they are. They see beyond the horizon, they see positive in every odd situation, they are ambitious, have strong feeling to achieve, they are courageous, do not fear, hate insult and are aggressive for their rights.”

Obua added the youth know how to discharge their duties and must always fight injustice.

The development underlines the growing power struggle in a party rocked by intrigue, backstabbing and counter maneuvers.

Obua shocked the gathering when he revealed Otunnu had planned to disorganize the youth meeting.

“I am reliably informed that the Party President does not recognize this meeting. I am also informed that an SMS, purportedly from Hon. Fr. Jacinto Ogwal has been sent to most of you saying Cabinet considers this meeting illegal. If this meeting is illegal, then I prefer to be illegal,” Obua warned.

“Anyone who is fighting this meeting is against the youth of this party, and against the youth of this country. It is sad that people like Patrick Aroma have allowed themselves to demobilize this meeting,” Obua charged.


“We can reliably inform you that last night he was in Lira mobilizing some youth to come and disband this meeting. Thank God that the youth who did not know exactly why they were being brought to Kampala have felt abused on realizing the importance of this meeting.”

Obua said the UPC leadership had since run amok with Otunnu sacking everybody who dares questions anything and refuses to conform to its whims.

“Take note that the conference was being sabotaged by Otunnu right from the start, just like he successfully did for women. For instance up to yesterday the National Youth Leader was instructed to officially write and dissociate herself from this meeting, otherwise, she should not use her official title. I hope that is not already tantamount to another sacking,” Obua added.

In his conclusive remarks, Obua appealed to the youth of the Congress, not to agonize, but to organize

“We can no longer burry our heads in sand and imagine we can be a party of the future without giving you the youth a say, your space,” he said.


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