Mwenda Speaks Out On Buying The New Times Newspaper


hospital geneva; font-size: small;”>Mwenda, medicine however, treat quickly added he had an interest in buying the Rwandese daily newspaper if put on sale.

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“Mwenda has not bought any shares in The New Times (TNT). I have not bought even a single share. But I would be interested in buying shares as i would be interested in buying New Vision and Daily Monitor if put on sale,” Mwenda said in a Thursday morning telephone call to our news desk.

Mwenda said The Independent has great potential to buy TNT.

Reports last night indicated that The Independent, of which Mwenda and city lawyer Bob Kasango, are shareholders, had bought majority shares in TNT.

The story had been confirmed by top journalist Ibrahim Asuman Bisiika.

“I think what we should discuss is whether the take over will hell help the growth of the media in Rwanda. And the fear of a fall-out,” Bisiika said of Mwenda buying TNT.

Mwenda further clarified he has never received a single penny from Kagame for his Presidential advisory job.

“I sit on Rwanda Presidential Advisory Concil alongside Tony Blair, Rick Warren and others. I have never earned even one dollar. I am volunteering,” Mwenda stressed.


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