DEVELOPING STORY: Kagame In Uganda On State Visit


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The Rwandan President added: “Having a good road network is one thing; ensuring that it is properly maintained is another. Our development partners cannot fund the rehabilitation of this network and also provide money for its maintenance. We have the means and the capacity to keep our roads in a good shape so that they also benefit future generations.”

13:00: Rwanda President Gen. Paul Kagame is today Friday in Uganda.

Kagame is at Igongo Cultural center, Biharwe, Mbarara being entertained by cultural dancers. President Yoweri Museveni is around.

Kagame is around on a five-day christmas state visit. He will spend the better part of his time dinning with the first family at Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district.

Kagame’s trip is aimed at bolstering the bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

“These days i strategically think like Museveni. We used to have some differences but we have now ironed them out. Rwanda and Uganda are on peaceful terms. You will see as time goes on,” Kagame told press in Kampala recently.

Museveni a few months ago travelled to Rwanda in a bid to mend the two countries’ ties.


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