Sex Scandal Rocks Buganda; Muliika Arrested


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Medics at the hospital said the woman was accompanied by three people, for sale including the driver who were quarantined soon after she passed away.

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price geneva;”>”At about 10.20 am, a woman was brought in a taxi and she was accompanied by three people. She was bleeding heavily from parts of her body and she died even before she could be taken out of the car,” Dr Masika Wafula, a Consultant on Infectious diseases told reporters at the hospital.

Dr Wafula said they had not authoritatively confirmed if she died of Ebola but he warned that the symptoms she displayed before she died are not of a normal disease.

“From her symptoms, this is not a common disease, we are taking all precautions and the necessary tests are being carried out,” he added, declining to confirm it is Ebola.

In the meantime, the three people who accompanied her to the hospital remain in isolation and are receiving treatment at the hospital.

The body of the woman was still lying in the taxi which ferried her to the hospital as medics prepared to carry out the tests. The vehicle was being guarded by security personnel to keep away a crowd which surged to have a glimpse of the body.

Capital News has learnt that the deceased woman was working at a hotel in downtown Nairobi.

A spokesman for the Kenyatta National Hospital Simon Ithai told reporters that a team of medical personnel had been dispatched to the hotel where the woman worked and at her home for further analysis.

Ebola haemorrhagic fever (EHF) is a viral haemorrhagic fever and one of the most virulent viral diseases known to humankind.

There is no known treatment or vaccine for Ebola, which is transmitted through close personal contact.

It kills up to 90 percent of victims.

Its initial symptoms include persistent fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat which is usually followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes on the body as well as external bleeding.

In May this year, the Ebola virus killed a 12-year-old girl in Uganda prompting the Health Ministry in Kenya to issue an alert on people living at the border.

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cure geneva;”>Muliika was arrested by traffic officer Joseph Abaho at Kalerwe round-about shortly after the royal official’s Pajero car registration number UAH 286E was involved in the fatal accident.

Wandegeya District Police Commander Richard Ecega has confirmed the scandal.

“Festo had just picked a mechanic from Kalerwe garage to repair his truck which broke down along the northern by-pass. As he stood on the road-side supervising the mechanic, Muliika rammed into him. Festo died on spot,” Ecega clarified.

“The body is now at Mulago Referral Hospital mortuary,” Ecega noted.

It has now emerged Muliika was involved in an accident because of sex stress.

One of the women Muliika had in the car shocked Wandegeya police officers when she complained the fiery Premier is one of the best womanisers the world has ever seen.

Our camera-wielding Corps were the first to storm the police station. They found the enraged lady telling Ecega how Muliika has been endlessly cheating on her with other women.

“That man (Muliika) is a cheat. He is always womanising. I don’t know why. Look at him, he has no shame. What have I denied him? His apetite for women is insatiable, look at him,” Robinah blasted Muliika in the presence on cops.

The lady said she was quarreling with Muliika shortly before the accident.

“We are now in a mess because of your womanising habits. Look at you. You are causing all this. The journalists will now expose you. I am really tired of you,” the lady ranted.

Our reporter Gold Ronald says Muliika’s woman ranted for about twenty minutes, hurling endless insults at one of the most respected official at Mengo.

“It was very embarrassing, I did not know where to look. It was bloody. Muliika was sweating profusely yet the DPC’s office had a fan,” Gold recounted.


The former Katikkiro of Buganda, well known as a harsh critic of President Museveni, went silent as the lady blamed him for being a Tiger Woods of sorts.

The scandal will send ripples down the spines of Buganda officials who initially thought Muliika had no interest in sidekicks.

His woman said this was not the first time Muliika is misbehaving.

“Each and every day I am complaining because this man (Muliika) can not reform,” she charged.

This is not the first time sex-stress is causing a road accident.

In November 2009, golf star Tiger Woods was involved in an accident outside his plush home in Orlando due to stress caused by tabloid reports that he was having a saucy affair with New York cosmopolite Rachel Uchitel outside his marriage.

He was subsequently arrested by Florida Highway Police. The scandal later damaged the golf guru’s reputation.

Muliika is a confidant and advisor to the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi.


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