Another Anti-M7 Book Hits Market


this geneva; font-size: small;”>Swaib Nsereko in the book “African Hand America Loves” explores areas where United States has blindly backed Museveni’s government despite human rights abuses.

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approved geneva;”>In a hugely critical tone, seek Nsereko says after capturing power, Museveni decided to work towards ruling Uganda for fifty years.

He says “State House Kampala has subdued debate on Museveni’s succession.”

Published on November 28, “African Hand America Loves” is an impassioned interpretation of Uganda’s troubled political, economic, and social circumstances in the 20th century.

The author claims to be a Ugandan victim of ethnic subjection who compares Uganda to other African nations to whose own histories and zeitgeists the country is inextricably linked.

Citing the decades-long reign of oppressive Museveni as a continuing cause of Uganda’s slow progress towards first-world status, the author offers suggestions for vital changes, from political structure to freedom of press.

There are rumours the book is selling like hot cake in Europe and United States.

The development underlines the growing opposition sentiments in diaspora.

There was drama in Uganda last year when Col. Kizza Besigye’s sister Dr. Olive Kobusingye published “The Correct Line? Uganda Under Museveni,” a controversial book showing Museveni was deviating from the historical NRM path.


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