Plan To Kill M7 Officially Announced


unhealthy geneva;”>This is the first time in Uganda’s history that an insurgent group in the region is publicly threatening to take the life of President Museveni.

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sales geneva;”>”President Museveni killed George Athor. The SSDA and SSLA military High Commands will have emergency meeting tomorrow to devise plans to revenge the killing of Athor, viagra 100mg ” s statement released by Arthor’s rebel group operating in South Sudan reads in part.

“He was killed by Ugandans and Museveni will dearly pay for that. The SSLA and SSDA will teach Museveni a lesson he will never forget in his life,” the statement, signed by Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil, Deputy Head of SSDA. was the first media house in Uganda to report the killing of Athor.

South Sudan’s Vice President Riek Machar said the general was on Monday shot dead at the country’s border with Rwanda and Uganda as he drove through eastern borders of DRC and Uganda.

Machar said Athor was recruiting new fighters in Central Equatoria state.

“Athor was killed instantly with one of his soldiers during the gun battle with “elements” around 18:00 hrs. His body is going to be handed over to his relatives for burial,” Machar said.

Athor has been leading a rebellion against the government of South Sudan since he defected from the SPLA in 2010.

This came after losing the gubernatorial elections in Jonglei State, where he stood as an independent candidate. Since then, he has been a dangerous rebel in the region.

His fighters have been clashing with SPLA forces, battles that cost hundreds of lives.

Athor was reportedly being supported by Sudan dictator Gen. Omar Al Bashir.

SPLA Spokesperson Phillip Aguer said one of SPLA soldiers was injured as they battled Athor’s forces shortly before killing the deadly general.

Army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye says he is yet to be informed about the matter.

“Contact the minister for regional cooperation,” he said.

Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Amb. James Mugume said he is unaware about the new development.


Nevertheless, Gen. Bapiny Monytuil insists Athor was killed by Ugandans.

“He left from his headquarters on Saturday with a Ugandan plane to meet President Museveni to discuss how Uganda could assist the people of South Sudan to resolve the ongoing conflict with Juba’s regime,” Monytuil said.

“Athor left with Maj. Thomas Duoth Makuach (American citizen), who was his assistant for Kampala. He arrived in Kampala at 2 pm Saturday afternoon. He was scheduled to meet President Museveni on Sunday,” he further alleged.

“We talked to Athor and Thomas Duoth when they arrived on Saturday. But we lost contact with them from Sunday onwards until we saw their dead bodies on South Sudan TV. Museveni will pay for that,” he added.

He further said: “The war will continue until we liberate South Sudan. George Athor told us before he left that should anything happen to him in Uganda, the rest of the officers must continue the struggle until Salva Kiir is overthrown. The struggle will continue as usual”.

The assassination of Athor could mark the beginning of the end of a Sudanese-sponsored rebellion against South Sudan.

Athor’s group is less organised to pose a security threat to the life of Museveni, according to security sources.

Of late, Museveni’s personal security has been beefed up by over 200 Israel-trained commandos and 15 new armoured cars.


Security experts say the death of Athor could be a blow to splinter rebel groups in the region who have been harbouring desires of overthrowing President Salva Kiir.

In a related development, Machar asked Athor’s followers to lay down their arms and join the process of peace and development.

“I appeal to all the followers of George Athor to heed to the amnesty and pardon declared by the President of the Republic on July 9th 2011,” he said.

Machar called upon the rebels to embrace the general amnesty declared by SPLA for peace in the country.


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