M7 Predicts Economic Boom


find geneva; font-size: small;”>He said the economy, check which has lately pushed hundreds out of business, viagra would perform better than it has been after overcoming what he referred to as a decade of economic sabotage by the political class.

He noted that it was not surprising that the country’s economy has been growing slowly having experienced sabotage in the electricity sector, more reliance on foreign funding and budgetary support and experienced a long spell of insecurity in some parts of the country.

The 2-day Retreat took place at Kampala Serena Hotel and was meant to discuss and review government performance in the last financial year and chart a way forward for the next fiscal year.

The President said that the country’s economy suffered at the hands of political saboteurs especially those who delayed the construction of the Bujagali hydro power project affecting growth in economic areas that require power to survive.

He, however, said that this will be overcome since the dam will start generating power in April next year.

Museveni said, besides, government has a Marshall plan to build more power dams in the country and also considering other sources of power to have a lasting solution to the problem of the shortage of electricity.

He said with the above arrangement in place coupled with the prevailing peace in the entire country and the reduced reliance on foreign funding, Uganda’s national the economy will grow in double digits.

Museveni, however, strongly appealed to his Cabinet to always take the trouble and use the largely available mass media and explain these pertinent issues to the public because the citizens are owed accountability from leaders.

He also urged them to use their proximity to fellow Members of Parliament and work closely with them so as to make government work easy, harmonious and efficient.

On corruption, the President urged Permanent Secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers, Town Clerks, and Sub-County Chiefs who are the accounting officers, to always resist the pressures of some corrupt politicians.

“You are the gate-keepers of the people’s money; you should protect it because you are protected by the laws and the constitution,” the President emphasized.

Supplementing on the Cabinet proposals for the next financial year, the President proposed increased investment in science and technology and better remuneration for scientists.

He also proposed increased investment in the health sector so as to save the estimated US$150 million that Ugandans spend annually on treatment abroad.

Museveni also recommended that government should make it a taboo to have scarcity of essential commodities and said that once detected, solutions should be found quickly and without hesitation.

He cited the failure by government to find a quick solution to sugar scarcity which has of recent cost the country US$40 million to import the commodity.


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