Heard Launches 'Flaunt Your Style' Boutique, Owori Panics


web http://charadas.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/3rd-party/wpml.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Located on the first floor of Forest Mall as shop No. 53, Heard’s boutique has been stocked with extremely attractive stuff, a move that compelled Owori to rant.

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Fearing Shop No. 53 would eat into her market, a desperate Owori posted on her Facebook:

“Dear friends please advise about people that just copy everything you do, should i take it as a compliment? Okay lets try this i have a 3day christmas late night shopping from 21-23 Dec. Lets see how long it will take before some people are also doing it??? Be creative people………. Inspire me, come up with your own ideas.”

However, Heard’s managers tell us their style is different so Owori should not go berserck.

Chimp Corps say Owori should be ready to face the competition heat.

“Why is Owori afraid of competition if she thinks her boutique is the best?” one of our Corps exclaimed!

In a related move, Heard on Saturday spent USD 2,000 (Shs5m) at Sanyu’s babies home as a Christmas charity offer.


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