ADF Rebels Surround Oil Wells, 1,500 Special Forces Deployed


nurse geneva; font-size: small;”>Latest intelligence reports indicate a fully reinforced group of about 2, 000(Allied Democratic Forces)have of recent stepped up military activities in the neighbouring Congo, thus surrounding the oil wells.

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On the night of December 6, the ADF rebels launched a lethal attack on Mabolio area where the tightly-guarded Beni Central Prison is located. They intended to rescue jailed rebels to attack the wells.

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence boss Brig. James Mugira confirmed on Monday ADF and LRA rebels were seriously mobilising in DRC to cause instability in oil-rich region.

“We are doing everything possible to stop ADF and LRA rebels who are re-organising to attack Uganda. We know they have been mobilising and making alliances to cause instability,” Mugira told our reporter on the sidelines of a conference at Common Wealth Resort, Munyonyo, Kampala.

“We think they want to destablise oil drilling in the region but that won’t be possible. We will annihilate them,” Mugira warned.

Unlike in the past when ADF was a rag-tag rebel group that relied hugely on guerilla war tactics to wreck havoc in western Uganda, military bosses say the rebel group’s ability to perpetrate a reign of terror should not be under estimated.

“It’s true the ADF rebels pose a very serious security threat not only to Uganda but the region. All concerned parties need to find ways of dealing with these rebels once and for all,” Mugira added.

Up-to-date military sources say ADF is expected to attack during the festive season, a reason the army has been deploying heavily around the border.

The oil wells are protected by Special Forces and Saracen Guards, a security group owned by Gen. Salim Saleh.

The troops have also been reinforced by another batch of Northern War heroes from Karamoja region under Brigadier Patrick Kankiriho, the 2nd Division Commander.

Intelligence operations against the rebels, who are suspected to be receiving supplies from Sudan, are being coordinated by Maj. Muwonge, a director at CMI headquarters.

In a recent interview, army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye said Uganda army had acquired modern technology to defeat any internal insurrection and external aggression.

By last night, moves were being made by the army to roll out a fully-fledged military operation, backed by deadly war planes to reduce the known ADF hideouts to rubble.

Early this week, DRC Defence Minister Charles Mwando Simba held meetings with Uganda miltary generals on the boiling security situation in DRC.

The two countries have been sharing intelligence to wipe out the ADF once and for all.

Speaking at the International Conference on the Great Lakes’ Region conference on Thursday, Zambia president regretted to note that the presence of some rebel groups in the region, like the LRA and Al Shabaab, who continue to commit atrocities such as defilement, rape and abductions, remain a great concern.

He expressed his optimism that countries in Great Lakes’ Region will overcome the security challenges as they strive to bring about peace, security and prosperity in the region.


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