Furious Kagame Spits Fire, Blasts Opposition In Diaspora


see geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking with fury, Kagame told the annual 9th National Dialogue in Kigali today Thursday Rwanda’s destiny would be determined by her own people not outsiders.

He appealed to Rwandans to work hard to liberate themselves from dependence on outsiders. Kagame blasted foreigners calling for opening up of political space in Rwanda, saying they are the ones offering protection to genocidiaries.

Below is how it happened, minute by minute:

11:55 President Kagame: Being vague is not part of my life, what you see is what you get from me. Let’s leave here more determined to forge our way out of dependence. The press acussed me of an offence committed by minister Fazzil.

Kagame blames the minister who started the 3rd term debate in Rwanda for the negative media campaign, saying he should carry the cross.

On term limits, Kagame spits fire: “Why are people developing headaches for nothing?” When I say no, they say I’ve said yes. “I am being accused of words said by Fazil. I think Fazil needs to carry his own cross for sure. I don’t have to serve Rwandans in this office I can serve them in other ways.

Kagame: “Leave this place more determined than ever to go and do the best we can to leave the position of being beggars behind us.

11: 52: We depend on them, we want to get out of this situation. The dignity of Rwandans will not be given by newspapers. I wish I never met journalists. We are here today to leave this position of being beggars far behind us to find solutions.

When we are here treat it as very important and leave this place more determined than ever. We have to work towards being less aid dependent .

Those who speak ill of us do so only because they can, not because it’s right. This is because we depend on them. They will do any thing to put you down b’se you depend on them, we want to leave this position far behind.

Kagame says some countries wish to be governed as “Rwanda. Rwandans stand proud of what we have achieved and challenge those who say we have no freedom.”

11:50: Kagame accuses the press of diverting him to non-issues.

“I served Rwandans before coming to this office and can continue to serve even after I leave. I am not serving another term. I can serve in another position. I don’t have to serve Rwandans only as President because I served them even before I was President,” he says.

“Every time I meet the press, they ask me when I’m leaving office. I’ve been entrusted to serve them till 2017

Rwandans should move from begging to self sufficiency, self dependency only then do you have dignity.”

11:47 Kagame says he is not a minority and that no one can give Rwandans lessons about their own freedom.

Kagame says Rwanda cannot be making progress at the same time declining in terns of development.

“We should be the ones to tell our story. It is an insult to Rwandans for someone to speak for us like we can’t speak for ourselves. It is an insult to us Rwandans for people to come and dictate to us what our freedoms should be.

11:35: Kagame: Rwandans stand proud of what we have achieved & challenge those who say we have no freedom. Criticism of Rwanda doesn’t add up, progress can’t thrive where there is no democratic governance.

Rwandans should not accept nonsense, we are better off standing up, challenging it and fighting back. Let no one speak for us. There are no lessons to be learned from people with double standards.

Rwandans should not accept nonsense,we are better off standing up,challenging it and fighting back. The dignity of Rwandans will not be given by newspapers. It has taken them 17 years to try Bagosora a genocidaire and they tried him badly.

We should not accept this nonsense, because accepting it is de-valuing who we are. We better challenge them. We have fought for our freedom and other people’s (Uganda) freedom since childhood. Those saying there is no political space in Rwanda are the ones occupying our space.

Some of us accused of stifling freedom, have been freedom fighters since childhood. Which space is bigger than this (9th National Dialogue)? And the press says we have no space! Let’s define ourselves vis a vis of what they define us to be.

Those who have failed to try genocidares for 17 years are jokers and liars. Those who come here to teach us freedoms are same people letting the likes of murderers like Bagosora free.

In this meeting, I want us to know we are real Rwandans and not press to determine who we are. We need to find solutions to our problems here from this gathering.

During the speech, a fan Sibomana Ethienne tweets: Giggles and laughter as wisdom flows from Paul Kagame at 9th National Dialogue.

Kagame: Rwandans should stand up for their dignity and respond to lies abt Rwanda in the press. The National Dialogue itself is an achievement and the single fact that we come here every year is a solution in itself.

11: 30: Kagame says there is freedom in Rwanda because Rwandese fought for freedom. He says the teachers of political space are the same that harbour and feed perpetrators of genocide that rocked Rwanda in 1994. The press should not speak for you. Let no one speak for you. We determine what we want to be and not allow others determine for us.

11:00: Rwanda President Paul Kagame is opening the 9th National Dialogue at Parliament in Kigali as thousands of countrymen storm twitter to critique government policies and share concerns of their country.

The function brings together central and local government officials, civil societies, diplomats and well-wishers to discuss issues that affect Rwanda. The annual event is locally known as Umusyikirano.


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