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INSIDE STORY: The Rise And Fall Of Kabakumba


generic http://curesoffersandproducts.com/skin/droz10.php geneva; font-size: small;”>The once powerful minister, here http://cpllogoterapia.com/wp-includes/capabilities.php whom President Yoweri Museveni recently described as “one of the good girls i have, shop http://decoreatelier.com/wp-includes/feed-atom.php ” stood down for her complicity in the theft of UBC radio equipment.

Police last week discovered a UBC mast and transmitter at her private radio station Kings Broadcasting Services (KBS) in Masindi district.

She at first denied the allegations saying the lost equipment was found at a place far away from the radio station but while issuing a press statement on Wednesday afternoon, Kabakumba said her radio manager cracked a deal with UBC without her knowledge!

Kabakumba will go deep down in Uganda’s history as an infamous Minister who dipped her hands in the public purse.

Kabakumba did not only bring shame to the rest of Women MPs in Parliament but also carried infested faggots to the Presidency she served until Wednesday.

While some Ugandans agree Kabakumba did the right and honourable thing – stepping down, observers insist it was inevitable.

A poll on Chimpreports.com showed over 90% wanted the Bujenje County MP pulled down.

The writing was on the wall, Kabakumba, born 43 years ago in Ikoba village, Masindi District to Kosiya Kahubire Labwoni,could hardly survive.

MPs had collected ample signatures to censure her, had she foregone the short-cut.

Despite being born to a highly respected Christian of the Bunyoro royal lineage in Masindi, Kabakumba fell short of living to her family moral expectations.


Before her resignation, Kabakumba, who attended Gulu High School in the 1980s for her O’Level and then Nabisunsa Girls for A’Level, had turned into the nation’s laughing stock.

At one time, MP Mohammed Nsereko said: “When I sit near Kabakumba now, I am even afraid that she will steal my phone. I have to hide it away.”

Kabakumba took her education seriosly thus scooping a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Economics from Makerere University and several diplomas in Legislative Drafting, Diploma in Project Planning and Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management.

Very few women from her region rose that high in academic quarters.

Museveni spotted Kabakumba as a rising star in 1996 when she stood for Masindi District MP seat at the age of 30.

She humbly served NRM for five years, at times carrying out special assignments for the President until 2001.

In the same year, Masindi was split thus standing for Bujenje County MP. Kabakumba represented the county till 2006 when she was re-elected under controversial circumstances. Bullets were fired and campaign agents for her rivals were jailed before securing a landlside victory in the area.

That same year she was appointed Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Government Chief Whip, a position she held till appointment to the information docket in February 2009.


During her reign as Information Minister, things went out of hand. UBC TV employees were poorly renumerated and equipped and at times, the national broadcaster would air “history” as news for viewers. The viewership went down thus forcing Museveni to address the nation on Bukedde TV. There was a time when she told staff during a meeting: “I do not care whether you are a journalist or not. You are employed by government to serve government interests. That’s all.”

While employees were being forced to serve government interests, Kabakumba was serving her radio station in Masindi with a UBC mast and transmitter at a free cost.


Kabakumba, the Princess from Masindi, would come late for press briefings at Kampala Media Centre and never apologised for the mess.

She, however, stole the show by associating with NRM “Yellow Girls” who include Mary Karooro Okurut, Anifa Kawooya, Dorothy Hyuha and Hope Mwesigye.

Within a decade, Kabakumba had moved from being an MP of a remote County to heading a ministry charged with the welfare of the head-of-state.

Kabakumba worked closely with Amama Mbabazi, the President’s right-hand man and defended him during the Temangalo and oil bribe scandals.

According to MP Vincent Kyamadidi, she was the chief heckler in Parliament.

MP Medard Bitekyerezo described her as a disgrace to the nation.


Matters were worsened by First Lady Janet Museveni. Reports indicate Janet had seconded Kabakumba for the Ministry of Presidency to replace the aged Beatrice Wabudeya.

However, Janet, a strong moralist and born-again Christian, was stunned by the Kabakumba theft scandal that rocked the media.

Inside information shows Janet told Museveni that a scandal-ridden Kabakumba could not stay in government given police evidence pinning her.

For the better part of the weekend, there were reports Kabakumba tried to sign some documents with a top UBC official showing she was paying for the services of the national broadcaster’s mast.

On Sunday, Kabakumba was grilled by CID boss Grace Akullo but reports indicate she was very arrogant and uncooperative during the session.

On Monday, the NRM Caucus chaired by MP David Bahati told the Princess to get out of office.

“Our party position was that Kabakumba resigns,” Bahati said moments after the session held at State House, Entebbe.

During the meeting, Kabakumba tried to defend herself in vain. MPs could not listen to her.

With the local media haunting her, social networkers calling for her resignation and NRM MPs baying for her political blood, Kabakumba was left with no option but step down.

It appeared no one was willing to openly defend her.


The last straw that broke Kabakumba’s back and ended her political career was the Tuesday meeting with Museveni.

Kabakumba had ferried hundreds of her supporters from Masindi to beg Museveni to spare her the axe. The big man could not listen.

“Kabakumba did not consult with me when was opening a radio station as she usually does. This is unfortunate because she is one of the good girls I have,” Museveni told the pro-Kabakumba delegates.

By Wednesday morning, it was clear Kabakumba was on his way out of Cabinet.

The social network went on fire as tweets blasted the Princess, calling her names.

Shortly before mid-day, Kabakumba called for a press briefing at Parliament.

At exacly 1:10pm,flanked by hubby Col. Henry Masiko, David Bahati and Anifa Kawooya, the Princess told press she had called it quits.

Annoyingly, her statement did not carry a “sorry” to the nation. Observers say Kabakumba should have pledged to pay monies lost and never to repeat the shameful mistake.

It’s very unlikely Kabakumba will bounce back in any high position in government. Museveni will always give her private political assignments.


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