M7 Meets Russians Over Middle East War


what is ed geneva; font-size: small;”>The meeting was held at State House, sales Entebbe. State House says Museveni and the visiting delegation delved into matters concerning regional and international security as well as development.

While details of the discussion are yet to be revealed, informed security officials say Museveni has of late been wooing super powers to refrain from attacking Iran.

The Middle East is currently boiling, with fears Israel and United States could bombard Iran nuclear facilities.

Last week, Iran leader ordered his much-feared Iran Revolutionary Guards to be on war alert.

Israel has of late stepped up war rhetoric, insisting there is no much time left to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

On the other side, United States has affirmed all options are still on the table in a bid to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Museveni a few weeks ago traveled to Israel where he met Premier Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. He reportedly urged Israel not to strike Iran as a war in the Middle East would could a global economic downturn and mass deaths.

Russia has openly sided with Iran and continued supplying the country with sophisticated weapons.

It’s highly feared a war on Iran would involve super powers thus ssparking World War III.

Museveni and his guests also discussed bilateral issues between their two countries and pledged to continue working together.

The Russian Minister will oversee a retreat of Russian Ambassadors in the East African region.

Meanwhile, Museveni pointed out that it is very crucial for Russia to take interests in African countries as the case was in the past adding that African countries have great potential in contributing to stabilizing the world if they work together.

He, therefore, extended an invitation to Russian companies to come and invest in Uganda, especially in the sectors of construction, energy, agro-processing and value addition which, he said, have a great potential.

Bogdanov, saluted Museveni for his support in maintaining peace not only in Uganda but also in the whole region. He pledged his country’s readiness to work together with Africa to ensure that peace prevails.


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