BLOODSHED: Opposition Now Announce Countrywide Protests


MP Mathius Mpuuga, order the A4C leader, more about has in a press statement said the move is meant to “celebrate” the release of three FDC leaders who had been remanded at Luzira for treason charges.

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Ingrid Turinawe, Sam Mugumya and Francis Mwijukye were on Monday this week granted bail. They are accused of conspiring to overthrow government using riots.

“This is not the time to abandon the cause because of intimidation or fear of incarceration. Instead we must continue to firmly challenge the social injustices and protest the economic hardships that the government has failed to address,” Mpuuga told scribes today.

“As you know, the Walk to Work week was disorganized and diverted but after this festive season we shall continue our activities with ‘Walk 2 Work Reloaded,’ Mpuuga said.

The timing of the statement is very crucial given that Col. Kizza Besigye has returned from London where he had been hospitalised.

The statement also comes at a time when the NRM is in turmoil following accusations of corruption against senior ministers.

Analysts say the protests, which are aimed at causing regime change, could be facilitated by the NRM split.

However, police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura has in the past said no Walk-to-Work activities would be allowed. He said they cause massive damage of property and loss of innocent lives.

Government is pushing the Public Order Management Bill in Parliament to block the anticipated protests.

Mpuuga said:”We therefore take this opportunity to call upon our supporters to stand firm as we continue with our activities. We are the voice and the hope of the common man.”

He added: “In the meantime we plan to hold countrywide celebratory events for all our colleagues who were jailed and bailed during the Walk to Work Week; as we build momentum for Walk to Work Reloaded. A program of events will be released at the earliest opportunity,” he said.

This implies there will be protests even before Christmas. Observers say the move is aimed at encouraging Ugandans to proceed with protests despite facing treason charges.

Mpuuga said the circumstances of the FDC leaders are well known and unique.

“Our celebrations are therefore muted by the long shadow of a desperate regime but on the other hand they are fueled by the tenacity, determination and courage of our colleagues to continue with our cause regardless of the consequences,” he said.


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