Otunnu Given 90 Hrs Or Face 2nd Coup


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cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small;”>13: 06: UPC National Council Chairman Edward Rurangaranga has told a parallel press conference at Uganda House today that Otunnu must go or be forced out.

Unlike last week’s coup where Otunnu was ousted by a surprise attack commanded by youth leaders, Rurangaranga has said there is nothing to hide from the public -Otunnu has to leave.

“We are giving Otunnu only 90 hours to vacate UPC headquarters or we force him out,” Rurangaranga charged.

Otunnu is under fire to account for Shs200m picked from Deepening Democracy Programme (DDP), a non-governmental organisation in Uganda.

The group had wired money on the party’s account to meet expenses of the youth delegates conference slated for next week among other activites.

According to Rurangaranga, the youth were meant to get Shs21m and the elders – Shs25m.

However, Otunnu turned around, saying the money would cater for his private trips abroad.

He further enraged UPC by firing four top party officials, accusing them of being NRM moles and insurbodinate.

Those he axed include John Odit, David Pulkol, Peter Walubiri and Robert Kanusu, saying he had the powers to hire and fire and reshuffle cabinet at will.

This action has been vehemently opposed by youth leaders backed by Rurangaranga.

Political pundits say Otunnu is over estimating his hold on power. Last Thursday, police chiefs intervened to sweet-talk the youth to put down a coup against Otunnu.

As he faces exit, Otunnu is now left with only two cabinet members including Winnie Apio (Deputy Treasurer) and Joseph Bbosa (Deputy).

Rurangaranga says Otunnu should start planning his exit or be forcefully evacuated.

Our analysts say not only are Otunnu’s days as UPC leader numbered but the party is steadily sinking – the Titanic way.


Otunnu will today Wednesday address press on how he intends to consolidate his hold on power on the sinking UPC ship.

You will recall a coup against Otunnu took place last Thursday. It was the intervention of Kampala police bosses Fred Kaweesi and Norman Musinga that cooled flaring tempers of the youth who had kicked him out for embezzling party funds and sidelining them.

Moments later, a desperate Otunnu fired top party bosses John Odit and David Pulkol, accusing them of being NRM moles and colluding with the youth to give him a bloody nose.

The UPC National Council chairman Maj. Rurangaranga on Tuesday briefed press, saying Otunnu’s decision to fire the two party shots was uncalled for and illegal.

The plan to remove Otunnu has now been supported by MP Benson Obua-Ogwal.

Below is his verbatim statement during the press brief yesterday.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press. I am here today with a heavy heart. Firstly, as one of leading members of the party who worked tirelessly, sparing no effort to ensure that Amb. Dr. Olara Otunnu returns and becomes the Party President, I would like to use this opportunity to profusely apologize to the entire membership of the party in the country and in the Diaspora.

If you have noticed, for many months, probably seven months, I’ve been very quiet, and I took a back seat. It has been purely because I had seen and noticed so many things that had gone wrong in the party, and because I was in the center of bringing back Dr. Otunnu with the hope that he was the salvation for this country and the party.

I’m the most disillusioned, I must confess today. And this is the first time I’m coming out publicly. I’m not a kind of person to shoot my mouth carelessly and I’d like you to pay attention to what am going to say;

Dr. Otunnu has failed Ugandans, Dr. Otunnu has failed UPC, Dr. Otunnu has failed the youth. Dr. Otunnu has failed the women of this country. Dr. Otunnu has even failed himself!

But I want us to put this in context. No one can can deny that Dr. Otunnu is an excellent, accomplished international diplomat. No question about that.

But as a leader of a mass party called UPC, he is a nonstarter. And so if we have to salvage our party, using his own slogan of “Let’s take back our country”, I’d like to say, let’s take back our party! I said that he is an accomplished diplomat. That is the point of view from which some of us perceived him and hoped that he was coming to apply his distinctive excellence in leadership in this country.

It was like a case in a marriage where you admire a beautiful woman from afar and without courting her you jump into marriage only to discover you have married an incompatible person. This is what has happened.

I am not a kind of person who encourages rebellion; but the action of the youth last week was out of utter frustration, and I really sympathize with them.

I must get this straight. I’m not giving them the license to rebel, but asking that we should find a way of solving this once and for all and see how UPC can regain it former glory, rebuild itself and move forward.

Once again, I would like to profusely apologize for bringing back somebody who instead of rebuilding our party is dragging us down and instead promoting an amorphous organization called F.U.N., FUN and having fun in FUN (pun intended).

As a party we need to move forward. And we need be peaceful about it, we need to move strategically about it. We don’t have shortage of leaders in this party. That one I can guarantee you. At that particular time we thought he was the best. And also seeing what was happening at the time, we thought he was coming to rebuild unity among members.


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