Minister Issues Fresh X-mas Terror Alert As Bus Kills 10


The Minister, mind in a press statement today Tuesday, this said a lot of excitement will be generated during the festive season where Ugandans could be less cautious about their security.

“As you are aware, order we are coming to the close of the year and consequently the
festive season is upon us where many Ugandans will be involved in different
celebrations,” Ecweru said.

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“A lot of excitement will be generated and there is a possibility that the public will
be less cautious about their security especially in relation to possible terror
attacks,” he added

Somalia terror group Al Shabaab has in the past threatened to launch another attack against Uganda after the Kampala 7/11 massacre.

Police and other security organs have of late appealed to the public to be more cautious about their security.

“Terrorism as an international threat still poses great danger. As you celebrate you must be on the lookout for possible terror attacks especially in crowded places. The public is urged to cooperate and notify police when planning a big gathering,” Echweru added.

“Although we do not expect any desperate situations, various government agencies are on alert should there be need for emergency services. Ambulances and health facilities along high ways have been put on alert,” he added.

This statement implies terrorists could be planning to attack Ugandans in buses on their way for Christmas in upcountry areas.

Ecweru further said Ugandans should endevour to be law-abiding during Christmas.

“Many will also drive recklessly and under the influence of alcohol particularly on the highways. We call upon drivers to drive responsibly and motorists not to drink and drive,” Echweru said.

The Minister said in this respect therefore, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on preparedness for the festive season chaired by the Office of the Prime Minister has come up with these measures to ensure that people do not die in circumstances that would otherwise be controlled.

One of them is that police will be more visible on the roads to monitor speeding and reckless drivers.

Echweru said persons travelling by public means should prevail upon drivers of taxis and buses to regulate speed.

The Minister said in addition to the traditional 999 and 112 emergency telephone lines, the public may also call these lines for police help: 0421222 (UTL) toll free,

In a related development, 13 people people have been killed in a bus accident at Kayanja, Sanga, Mbarara after Western bus regsitration number UAE 896U veered off the road and overturned several times.

Good Samaritans used axes and pangas to cut out the bodies of passengers from the wreckage. Dozens were admitted at Mbarara hospital in critical condition. The death toll is expected to rise.


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