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HOW IT HAPPENED: Kagame Briefs Press In Kampala

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tadalafil geneva; font-size: small;”>On the East African Community, stomach Kagame says “we need to get things right before rushing into a Union.”
He says Rwanda is moving in a right direction despite those who wish her bad luck.
11: 25: Kagame says the issue of Kayumba Nyamwasa surviving an assassination attempt in South Africa last year is being followed by Kigali. He says several suspects have been arrested over the incident. He says if government was interested in killing, it would go after those who perpetrated genocide – those that killed our people not those whose names keeping coming up.

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He says Kigali has developed a good piece of medicine to deal with Kayumba Nyamwasa and his men if they pick up guns to fight his government. Kagame says his security is investigating reports that Nyamwasa has been forming alliances in DRC to attack Rwanda.

“We shall sort it out,” he boasts. He says the likes of Nyamwasa have a loud mouth but time will come when they will shut up. He says despite arrests in the assassination case of Nyamwasa, no one has been linked to Rwanda. He says allegations that Rwanda was behind the plot to kill him are untrue and baseless.
11:23: Kagame says he has no problem with Museveni. He claims issues that used to create animosity between them have been ironed out. Kagame now says he strategically thinks like Museveni.
11:20: Speaking about the relations between Uganda and Rwanda, Kagame says there are no problems between the two countries and their leaders.
He says even if he wanted to rule Rwanda forever, it can never be forever.

11:03: Kagame accuses international journalists human rights group Reporters without borders of “telling lies without borders.” Killing journalists does not make news, let’s talk about all the amazing things i have done instead, he says.

10:54: Kagame says most newspapers never write about positive developments in Rwanda but how the country kills own people and is anti-media. Kagame says he does not know what kind of journalist Charles Ingabire was.”He was one of the survivors of genocide. He was a thief,” Kagame says. “Charles Ingabire ran away from Rwanda after stealing money of genocide orphans association.”

He says opposition groups opposed to his government have been killing each other every day.

10:52: Kagame says his rivals have engineered a belief that “we kill people everyday in Rwanda.” This is not true. Asked to explain whether Ingabire had capacity to floor him hands down in an election.

Kagame responds that Mwenda should the same question to Rwandese.
Kagame says he has always had to prove his innocence even when other people have confessed to committing crimes attributed to him.

On Charles Ingabire, the journalist murdered recnetly in Uganda, Kagame says the killer has been arrested and weapons recovered but without links to Rwanda. He says he came to learn that Ingabire ran from the ‘camp’ and that was his ‘own fault.’

10:30: Rwanda President Gen. Paul Kagame is addressing the media at Common Wealth Resort, Munyonyo in Kampala. The conference is moderated by Andrew Mwenda.

Kagame says there is ample evidence to pin opposition leader Victorie Ingabire in subversive activities. He says Ingabire has in confidence submitted to Rwanda security she was involved in acts of aggression against his government. He says evidence from Netherlands and United States pin Ingabire in such acts.

Kagame says two Colonels of the Habyarimana regime have already implicated Ingabire.

“We need leaders in Rwanda, we need people who are disciplined and firm -leaders that see beyond themselves.”He says education is good for the future.


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