SPECIAL SURVEY: Uganda Furious Over Golola Scandalous Fight


shop geneva; font-size: small;”>Thousands of furious Ugandans have since Friday been venting out their frustrations and rage on popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter.

Majority Ugandans observed Golola should for once shut his mouth and intensify his training if he intends to win any fights in future. Golola’s earlier threats he would smash the Hungarian’s face from white to black colour were not commensurate with the his performance during the fight at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

As police laboured to control a sea of fans stranded in the queue outside the gates, Golola was staggering in the ring as a rain of blows against his head blurred his vision. In the fourth round, the writing was on the wall – Golola was bound to lose. Golola displayed enormous energy, but shamefully, without an iota of skill.

The encounter was reminscent of the popular local fights between Bakiga men. Two men would interlock arms from the waists thus using energy to hurl one’s opponent to the ground. Either Golola thought this trick would enable him carry the day or was poorly trained. Hopes in Golola started fading when he would miss “sweeps” aimed at crippling Naggy’s foot work. He would instead fall like a heap of potatoes from an overspeeding pickup truck.

Despite being home where thousands of fans cheered him on, Golola showed no signs of improvement. While Golola claims to have had extensive training from Kabale hills, he shockingly lost gas in second round. When the third round opened, Golola was panting like a dog after a flopped hunting mission.

By the time the fight ended, Golola who claims to have a PhD in pain, was bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose. He could only return kicks of a dying horse.


Having scooped a huge fan base, Golola needs to take extreme caution during training ahead of special fights. The more he loses, the more he tears apart his image. This fight has surely done collateral damage on his chances of winning millions of shillings in brand promotions. Very few will be interested in associating with a ‘loser.’

Golola now needs more magic to pull crowds. He has to convince the nation that he is not a mere war-monger but a strategic kickboxer interested in tangible results.

The loud mouth is not enough. In fact it’s now working against him. He needs a respectable coach and public relations team to do the talking, lest the nation will take him for a toothless barking dog. Taking part in collabos with the likes of Navio do not add value to his kickboxing career. His love for publicity has drowned his ability and time to concentrate on training which is key to success. Golola must combine energy with skill. That’s why axes and pangas are not used for peeling bananas.

Memories of loud-mouthed Col. Muammar Gaddafi, who ended up being sodomised with knives and then killed by the ‘rats’ he had threatened to annihilate, are still fresh.

However, some members of the public said not all is lost. They said a man is he who loses today’s fight but wakes up ready to try and win the next one. As Barack Obama once said, it’s time for Golola to dust himself and prepare to win future fights. He has the potential to rise and shine again. His only lifeline is the combination of skill with power.

Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe once said a warrior is he who throws a stone up in the sky and places his head, ready to welcome it back.

Efforts to contact Golola on his known mobile cell phone were fruitless as it was consitently switched off for the entire weekend.

Here are some of your comments on Facebook and Twitter

Tzar Kato: It’s got to be said, not all victories come easy…and many of them attract controversy, Mr. Golola, congrats, you have made it…I hope they told you that comes with scorn and rebuke…go party and talk all u want, u have the belt…and remember….they will talk…and talk…and talk…just keep rocking!

Pablo Yagayo: Well, some people say he lost the fight but Golola has surely won our admiration. Golola is still my HERO. I don’t think the organisers would have attracted such a mamouth crowd if it wasn’t for Golola’s self hype. Kickboxing is a game that existed in Kampala for several years but was little known because nobody cared until Golola came up with his outrageous statements that caught our ear.

Mky Beloved Dru: Golola deserves a presidential dinner…hope state house has porridge though

Ap Manuel: Can we have someone upload the fight.

Kushe Edwin: But Golola didn’t really lose. He was ahead of Nagy in kicks en punches from what I saw, golola is not a joking subject. The fight was good too

Elvis Mugume: Seriously, I can not believe this you guys act like you didn’t see what happened. Golola kick boxing champion of Uganda was fingered and should keep his hole shut. Too much talk no balls. Like the saying goes, barking dogs…. That’s all he did. Next time read the rule book before you take your big mouth to the ring. Your such an embarrassment to the sport. You are not Mohamed Ali, So shut up.

Sia Setteda: Golola lost the match and the KBC guys handed him the belt instead of the referee. You need to get a good and skilled coach.

Balaka Mukoma: Learn this lesson,action speaks louder than words,its not all about power bbbut wisdom.let golola revise his notes.

Akoll Abram: Proud to see him come this far.

I-am Enygma: I’m really so disappointed in Ugandans. People could not wait to see him fail. The mocking is completely uncalled for. This is a Ugandan who has come from a humble background and dared to reach for the stars. He became champion in Uganda and then became champion of Africa. So what if he talks a lot? This makes him a more interesting character that thousands of Ugandans now want to pay cash and sit… in traffic jams to watch.

Fazila Bugatti Lebron: I really thank organisers of the event disorganised Golola.

Anguzu Derrick: Success is not seen everytime you win, but it’s seen everytime you get up when you fall down- Golola Moses yesterday you lost but you learnt. I know tomorrow you will win, that’s life- Your critics are jelousy of you because you have Postive Mental Attitude (PMA), but I for 1, I am with you

Jackie Nanduttu: ‘Of uganda’ we are still proud of you, to me you are still the best kickboxer.

Brendan Kasyaba: For focusing the spotlight on a hitherto unknown or less known sports discipline, for being colourful in language, the super-confidence, the love for country regardless of the odds life had thrown at him, I think Moses is a winner and am all gaga for that. For once the lights are on this country, thank u Moses am Proud of U!

Mahogany Rootless: No one can put it any better. I agree with u. I must admit my ignorance of the kickboxing sport but the fact that one man can steal away the Cranes limelight at CECAFA shows he is not a joking subject. He surely deserves an applaud. Besides in sport you win or lose and even in defeat we should not shut up!!!

Patu Live: Many people are frustrated but who cares??? You are a self-made man not like these losers posting crap on this page. In sport, you win or lose, it’s only kids who don’t know that. Will forever support u GOLOLA. I didnt know your sport existed in Uganda until u appeared from nowhere.

Godwin Bigy Kop: Golola punched, wrestled and fouled all the time ,the opponent sandwiched his head and was elbow batted several times thus beaten tactically.

Trajjedy Myers: Golola knew no kickboxing because he even did not know the rules. the Hunagrian had a better coach.

Pius Mafabi: I am hurt and speechless

On Twitter:

TMS Ruge RT Golola took part in a contest, lost and was declared winner; the same process which can make one president of Uganda.

Omunaku Ambrose. Golola watch out. This dude wants a piece of you. I swear.

TMS Ruge: I don’t know who Golola is, but he sure has Ugandans fired up on Twitter tonight. Can’t wait to get home for Christmas.

Albert Mucunguzi: Golola can make a good blogger. He composes entertaining statements in first person singular.

Maureen Agena: “I look at women and they get pregnant” what kind of loose talk is that? Isn’t that nonsense?I think he had taken his jokes too “far”

Alan Kasujja: Golola was absolutely unfit. He was gasping for breath and could barely remain standing! What was he doing in the hills?

Edward Echwalu: Golola is bleeding. I thought this guy is made of Metal.

mark Keith Muhumuza: Golola having visual issues…..Naggy’s kicks just make him have a blurred vision. Nagy is swift. His kicks seem to be making the hot temper, temperless.

Simon Kaheru: You mean: nuclear world being investigated for Golola substances? I can’t stand this. I am taking up kickboxing next year!


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