Bujagali Will Be Ready Next Year -M7


information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>”Bujagali will commence electricity generation in January 2012. I am happy to note that as this dam nears completion, what is ed government is at the same time moving ahead with the construction of Karuma and Isimba hydro power stations which are slated to be commissioned within 5 years, this ” Museveni said.

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The President was Saturday addressing a mammoth crowd of youth in Mukono who gathered for a thanksgiving service for Mukono North MP and Youth Minister Ronald Kibuule.

This is the latest official communication from government which ends speculation by Energy Ministry officials that the dam would be ready by December 15.

And this is the fourth time government is postponing the opening of Bujagali amidst growing anger over power outages.

Umeme boss Charles Chapman told Kampala’s elite during a tea party at Sheraton last week the power distribution company supplies electricity recieved and was not responsible for the outages.

He appealed to Ugandans to keep their hands crossed as technology involved in Bujagali dam construction was very complicated and expensive.

To avoid power losses, Chapman said a pre-paid metering system would soon be fully rolled out by end of next year.

He said 5,000 customers have so far been connected with pre-paid meters.

In his address, Museveni sounded a stern warning to elements involved in economic sabotage.

The President condemned the politicians who created an artificial shortage of electricity and sugar through sabotage of the government development programmes.

He, however, assured the gathering that such characters do not have the capacity to derail government’s development programmes.

Museveni assured the nation that sugar and electricity will no longer be in short supply because government has already taken steps to address issues relating to them.

He condemned politicians who frustrated the sugar production project in Northern Uganda’s Amuru district, Acholi sub-region. Museveni opposition Mukono North MP Hon. Betty Namboze for blocking government projects.

Museveni hailed voters in Mukono for voting wisely by rejecting a number of candidates from the opposition who were well known for sabotage.

He further warned some of the Movement Members of Parliament that are involved in fighting the government set-up will be brought to the voters to ensure that they are disciplined accordingly by the electorate.

Museveni said that the mistakes made by voting for a team of liars from UPC in 1962 led the country to shedding blood and tears by 1966. He reminded the people of Uganda that electioneering is not a game but a serious affair.

He said no one can disrupt the peace which Uganda is enjoying today under the aegis of NRM. Museveni said the army has the capacity to maintain security in all parts of the country. He stressed that armed rebellion ceased and had no room in the country.

Museveni challenged MPs to pass the Public Order Management Bill to curtail activities of rioters who have developed the habit of disorganising low income earners as they struggle to put bread on their families’ tables.

The bill has of recent been a source of animosity between opposition and government with the former saying it’s a ploy to block political parties from enjoying freedom of assembly.

Museveni pledged to construct a vocational institute and hospital in the area.
While in the constituency, Museveni commissioned Nalubaale Savings and Credit Co-operative Organzation (SACCO) to which he pledged Shs.100 million as a donation.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi hailed MP Ronald Kibuule for supporting the Movement from the time he was a child and also for being a good listener. He advised the youth who are in leadership positions against rebellious behaviour.

Kibuule assured Museveni the people of Mukono are committed to continue supporting NRM.


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