HOW IT HAPPENED: Golola Cheated Or Defeated?


troche geneva; font-size: small;”>As he spat fire and threatened to “assassinate” Naggy, website like this the Hungarian boxer concentrated on perfecting his skills. So whenever Golola would come wholesale, Naggy would employ a few tactics to tame the Uganda boxer’s rage. Despite training in Kabale hills for weeks, Golola put up a despicable performance.

Fans are saying the President Kickboxing Federation, who hails from Hungary, sided with Naggy.

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23:50: Naggy carries the day. Golola has been floored. The Federation president says Golola has been defeated. Fans are running wild, saying Golola is the winner.

It seems Golola was overhyped.

23:46: Golola’s mouth is bleeding. Round five complete.

Golola’s heavy punches send Naggy to the ground. He is literally ‘killing’ Naggy with huge kicks.

Naggy carries out another ritual prayer seeking divine intervention to save him from Golola’s ballistic missiles

It’s round five now. Naggy employs elbow tactics with the view of breaking Golola’s back.

Naggy can hardly afford to take a mouthful of water. He looks knackered at the end of fourth round.

Golola sweeps Naggy of his feet, landing the Hunagrian boxer on the canvass. It’s bloody here.

The fight is more of squeezing than sending blows. Golola is down.

Naggy in another ritual prayer

Golola squeezing Naggy against ropes.

It’s round four. Golola is likely to lose the fight despite looking so strong. He needs more tactics than energy to defeat Naggy.

Golola using more energy than skill. It’s third round

23: 45: Golola seems exhausted. His face has been smashed beyond recogntion. It’s round three now.

23:39: Round one complete. Golola is amazingly consuming punches from Naggy. It would be too early to name the possiblewinner of this race.

23:42: Golola has an upper hand in round two. He is using enormous amounts of energy. He is getting down easily. Naggy is down. It appears Golola has crushed Naggy’s balls. the Hungarian boxer is on the ground, whimpering in pain.

23:29: Golola’s face paints a picture of lion fighter. He takes a short prayer, seeking divine intervention.

23:15: Golola arrives amidst a wild applause. Fans run wild. He is clad in white attire and yellow gloves. He leaps over the rings, sending the crowd into rib-cracking laughter.

23:26: Uganda national anthem sung. Golola stretching muscles, ready to “assassinate” opponent.

23:12: Navio is on stage entertaining the crowd with a collabo “hot temper” he did with Golola. The crowd is cheering on.

Golola is expected a few minutes from now.

23:07: Naggy enters the ring. Roger Mugisha is MC of this historic night. Gorgeous ladies are showing the nation world kickboxing federation belts.

22:55: Moses Golola is preparing for a historic fight with Hungarian rival Naggy Andras. The stage is well set at Hotel Africana. The audience is hugely optimistic Golola will carry the day.

You can access latest updates directly on your cell phone by logging Golola has no other option but defeat Naggy for World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) Inter-continental super middleweight title.

23:21: Golola starts warming ahead of the fight. Hundreds of fans are urging him to crush his opponent. Africana is packed to capacity. Hundreds of fans still stranded outside. Hungary national anthem is being sung.

23:32: Naggy in a cultural prayer. He stretches, thus sending ripples down the spine of Golola. The Ugandan boxer listens to Buganda Kingdom “Ekitiibwa” song!


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