Do-Or-Die: Golola Ready To Assassinate Naggy


price geneva;”>17: 54: Nsubuga says Umeme does not disconnect customers during the weekend. Any Umeme employer must identify self before disconnecting customer.

more about geneva;”>Umeme contacts and information are available on website.

17:49 Michael Kanaba and Michael Niyitegeka asks why sometimes customers are billed even after payment.
Nsubuga says: “When you pay at the Umeme counter, the information is quickly updated. However, when you pay in the banks, it takes time to update your bill. Therefore between the time you pay and updating information you can get a bill. When you pay across counter, we give you reciept. Those cases usually happen. The money is not quickly deposited on Umeme account whenever customers pay.

17:42: Simon Kaheru tells Charlotte Kemigyisha to liaise with to keep public informed about Umeme outages.

17:29: Chapman says $100m to $200m needed to roll out pre-paid metering across the country.

17:07: Nsubuga says faults in power transmission lines are partly responsible for power outages. 16:58: Chapman is asked to explain when Bujagali willl be on line. Chapman is obviously not sure. He says Ugandans have to be patient because such projects are expensive and involve very complicated technology. He says Ugandans should keep their hands crossed. He describes the project as phenomenal.
16:55: Umeme outage project manager Florence Nsubuga says Umeme would love to give power to everyone. “If we had a different scenario, we would want to give power to everyone of you. We are forced to distribute avaliable power equitably. We need to be patient until we get Bujagali on line.

16:48: Umeme boss Charles Chapman steps in.

16:46: Kisubi says Uganda imports more power from Rwanda than it exports to the country.Kisubi says the domestic customer per unit charge is 366 but that doesn’t give you correct figure because it’s heavily subsidised.

Thermal power is very expensive. Correct tarriff would be Shs800. Commercial tarriff is lowest in the region. But the rates will go down when Bujagali gets online #teapartyug

16:25: Meanwhile, Patrick Mugumya and Agaba Primus have stepped in. Edward Echwalu is taking snaps.

Kisubi says beginning with December 7, situation has been getting much better because of increased power production. He says Aggreko has resumed production of power thus making life better.

Serious pre-paid metering kicks off next year. He says so far 5,000 customer users have been connected with pre-paid meters. He gives statistics which indicate Umeme recieves 399MW. He says Umeme has a deficit of 40MW. By the time Umeme took over the responsibility of distributing power over seven years ago power loss was 38% but losses today are 27%. We have exceeded the target. This information is there and you can always get information from us.

It’s the Q$A session.
15:30: The Umeme Tea Party has just kicked off at Lions Sports Bar Sheraton, Kampala.

In the house is Media Analyst Public Relations Director Mark Kaheru. Uganda’s top twitter users (tweeps) are slowly stepping in. I can see Grace Natabalo. The bash has been organised by power distributors Umeme and Google.

Red Pepper’s Patrick Mugumya is still caught up at the Post Office but he is expected to arrive in a few minutes from now. Maureen Agena is in the house.

Guests are enjoying cups of tea. Hashtag is #teapartyug

Robert Kisubi, a top Umeme boss is giving brief overview on power outages. He says loadshedding is a crucial issue. He says Bujagali would be ready a few months from now. He clarifies that power dams including Aggreko, Kiira and Nalubaale produce power which is later transmitted to UETCL. Kisubi says power is later distributed to customers. “We distribute power given to us. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

decease geneva; font-size: small;”>Golola, see who says he can make a woman pregnant by merely looking at her, order has to save face and keep hold on his growing fan base by thumping Naggy to tatters. Short of that, Golola is finished.

While Golola has of recent been bragging he is an “African assassin,” Naggy’s ability to humiliate the Ugandan boxer cannot be swept under the carpet.

Unlike in the past, the media attention on Golola has lately been overwhelming. As his fan base widens, expectations in Golola have shot through the roof. Golola has no other option but defeat Naggy for World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) Inter-continental super middleweight title.


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