POLL: 90% Ugandans Want Kabakumba Removed


what is ed geneva; font-size: small;”>By Wednesday night, salve legislators led by Gerald Karuhanga had mobilised at least 120 signatures to censure Kabakumba for reportedly stealing radio equipment from UBC.

Police is investigating reports Kabakumba used her position as Information Minister in 2009 to rob a mast and transmitter from UBC headquarters in Kampala for her private Kings Broadcasting Services (KBS) radio station in Masindi.

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Kabakumba told a stormy Parliament Wednesday the allegations that police recovered UBC equipment from KBS were unfounded.

“What is true is that police picked equipment including a transmitter, generator and a Stl from a UBC House on Kigulya Hill not KBS,” she said.

MPs heckled Kabakumba as she gave a statement before the house.

They described her as a “thief.”

However, an online poll on shows over 90% respondents want Kabakumba to resign as Cabinet minister to save government’s face.

Only three respondents want Kabakumba to stay.

The websites have since Monday acted as a platform for Ugandans to pour out their hearts on the scandal that has shocked the nation.

Moments after newspapers broke the news, the social networking community rose up in arms asking for tough penalties against Kabakumba.

The better part said Kabakumba was bringing shame to the name of President Yoweri Museveni. Others said Kabakumba should not only resign but apologise to the nation, refund lost monies and “take herself to police for quizzing.”

Several bloggers said it was a shame that police was yet to arrest Kabakumba as her stay in Cabinet would jeopardise investigations.

A good number of Facebook fans expressed scepticism Kabakumba would not be penalised given that her job involves taking care of Museveni’s welfare.

Ugandans on Twitter said the theft scandal “is now news since corruption has eaten into the fabric our generation.”

MPs Theodore Ssekikuubo, Abdu Katuntu, Vincent Kyamadidi and Gerald Karuhanga have since condemned the theft. They have given Kabakumba a few hours in which to step down or face censure fire.


Below are some of the interesting comments on Facebook.

Barbra Natifu says: I tried to apply politically correct language to madam Kabakumba’s act, which fails to capture the totality of her act!!! You’re right to hell with politically correct phrasing; the descriptor that befits her shameless act is nothing but—Thief!!!! With a capital T!!!

Job Komakech: When you talk Museveni will say you are scaring away investors.

Alecho Stephen: If you call theft “misuse of public assets”, you make it sound like a decent act. Princess Kabakumba stole public assets. She is a thief.

Kisitu Sengendo: This girl is so crafty; she will find a way of weaving her way out of this even when it’s obvious. If Mbabazi has woven his way out of three tight spots, the minister for presidency will not go down like this.

Joel charged: Uganda is an interesting country. Each day brings a news item that drops the previous into insignificance…looking at the news around Kabakumba Masiko. I am certain the debates on oil, Motorcare will just take a backseat…until another news item shows up…that can pump up public.


Irene Birungi says “thieves are crowned in Uganda.”

Enunu Thomas: Our Uganda is dusted by thieves. Crowned by LEADERS themselves and offer them maximum accordance no wonder we’ll Always remind backpedalling. WE NEED PRAYERS!!!

Ben Twinomugisha: Using state machinery she altered and stole victory from peoples’ loved man Finahasi. When he opened a court case she silenced him with too much intimidation, including threats. God is listening to the voters who were robbed of victory.


On Twitter, Grace says: You know things are bad when a Princess starts stealing from state coffers.

Primus observes: No one in Uganda will have the balls to arrest Kabakumba even when caught red-handed with stolen property. It confirms we’re failing state.

Omunaku fumes: It’s no longer corruption, it is just despising Ugandans.

Jonathan wonders: Why is Kabakumba not in police custody yet??


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