LATEST: Uganda In Trouble As US Moves To Tag Aid On Gays


page "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>The White House is expected to issue a presidential memorandum announcing the change Tuesday night.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will follow up the announcement with a speech in Geneva later in the day, AP reports.

The presidential memorandum is the first U.S. government strategy to deal with human rights abuses against gays and lesbians abroad.

The development follows a string of threats by European leaders particularly UK Premier David Cameron, they would cut aid to countries that criminalise homosexuality.

While attending the Common Wealth in Perth, Australia late October, Cameron warned Uganda vice President Edward Ssekandi of grave consequences if the anti-homosexuality bill was passed.

However, President Yoweri Museveni publicist John Nagenda responded to Cameron’s threat with fury.

Nagenda said Uganda was not willing to accept donors’ demands on condition of legalising homosexuality.

He described Cameron’s threats as childish.

Experts say US aid has for long propped up Uganda’s deficit budget and any cuts would paralyse the civil service sector.

Uganda is a very conservative country where homosexuality is abhorred. Catholic church leaders have of late asked government to reject gay-strings-attached aid, insisting Ugandans would rather “eat grass” than succumb to donor pressure at the expense of their culture and dignity.

Several African countries especially Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda have vehemently rejected calls to legalise homosexuality.


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