HOW IT HAPPENED: Makerere FDC Protest


troche geneva; font-size: small;”>Our news desk has so far talked to a couple of sources who say a wave of fear, mind panic and uncertainty has swept the company following the hair-raising rumours.

troche geneva; font-size: small;”>Hundreds fear loss of their jobs.

At 12:09 pm, today Monday, our news desk dialled the company customer service toll line number 0800222111 for clarification.

We asked one Dennis, who picked our telephone call, to explain whether it was true that Broadband had closed down.

“You are not the first one to ask us. I am not sure, may be you to talk to my superior,” Dennis said, raising fears the company could have folded.

Dennis’ superior did not identify herself but promised to “talk to the PRO to revert to us as soon as possible.”

Our news desk is wondering why the company is hesitant to dismiss the rumours. If this information is true, over 2,000 jobs and billions of taxes have been lost.

The escalating inflationary rates have pushed the economy to the wall and lowered the consumer purchasing power thus pushing out hundreds out of business.

Broadband is an internet service provider, operating under mother company TMP Uganda Ltd.

According to their website, Broadband delivers high-quality, efficient and functional wireless broadband services on a WiMAX platform.

Working to constantly relate to the needs and aspirations of our customers, staff and stakeholders, BroadBand Company provides innovative products, competitive pricing and is committed to being socially responsible and strives to serve our customers beyond their expectations.

More information coming.

The students have evaded tight security at Makerere to storm the Prison.

The leader of the group Ibrahim Bagaya has confirmed the development via a telephone interview: “Yes, pharmacy it’s true we are at Luzira but i will call you later, ed ” he said before hanging up.

The students are now in a bitter quarrel with guards and have insisted on visiting the imprisoned suspects lest the camp at the Prison.

11:45am: Police have heavily deployed anti-riot personnel in and around Makerere University to avert possible violence after students started preparing to walk on foot to Luzira Prison.

Opposition-leaning students led by deputy Guild vice president Doreen Nyanjura have been blocked by police from leaving campus.

Cops are using patrol trucks in monitoring the fragile security situation at the University.

Students have vowed to take on police if their procession is blocked.

Our reporter Martin Ochieng says the mood is tense as students exhibit the highest level of desperation and stubbornness.

8:00am: Tension is rising steadily at Makerere University after student leaders publicly threatened to hold huge protests over what they termed as the illegal detention of FDC treason suspects. Addressing press a couple of hours ago, cure student leaders Doreen Nyanjura (Deputy Guild President) and Ibra Bagaya gave government an ultimatum of two weeks to release Ingrid Turinawe, Francis Mwijukye and Sam Mugumya who are detained at Luzira prison.

“We have petitioned Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki to reign in on security for the lengthy confinement of the suspects or face our wrath,” Nyanjura warned.

The suspects were arrested in October for reportedly planning to overthrow government using violent riots.

They have been in jail since then given that prosecution has repeatedly asked Nakawa High Court for adjournments to allow time for investigations.

“If court continues to be silent on their detention for two more weeks, then we will have no option but to mobilize all Makerere students and other young people to come on streets to demonstrate against this unfair treatment of the accused,” Nyanjura charged.

In fact matters have been worsened by the opposition-leaning students’ announcement they will today Tuesday move in big numbers to visit the suspects at Luzira prison.

Police recently used teargas and batons to disperse the students who had camped around Nakawa High Court.


According to the petition dispatched by the student leaders to Kadaga and Odoki today, students express concern about the plight of the suspects who have overstayed on remand without being committed to High court for trial.

“After their arrest, the police was quick to publicly announce it already had all the evidence it needed to secure a conviction in this case. But it’s surprising that throughout all their court appearances, the state has been pleading with court for adjournments, saying inquiries are still going on,” the petition reads in part.

It’s signed by Nyanjura, Bagaya and Guild President Dennis Oneka.

“We feel this is an abuse of judicial processes and we pray that you intervene in this matter. As the saying goes, JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED,” the students note.

According to the petition, Makerere students are also concerned about the continued limited public access to court premises during this case’s proceedings.

“It appears as if the police assume that when the session for this case is on, no other business should take place at court. The police are so insensitive to even the close relatives of the suspects, something we find uncomfortable,” students argue.

They claim a fair hearing deserves to be in an open court to the public, not just open windows and doors.


The students are wondering why it has remained unclear on when the suspects’ bail application will be heard.

“Although a formal application was made in High court, we have never had of any response on when court will sit to hear the application. It looks as if court has already convicted them; looking at the many weeks they have stayed on remand,” students exclaim.

However, students say they are optimistic the judiciary is independent, and pray that court considers it a priority to attend to the suspects “whom in our view, are innocent Ugandans who are being politically prosecuted.”

“We are writing to you seeking the indulgence of your good office in this matter, it would be wrong for us and all stakeholders to sit back and watch as if it business as usual and yet somewhere in prison innocent are facing unfair detention,” the enraged students tell Kadaga and Odoki.

The petitioners say they haven’t lost hope regarding the independence of the judiciary but warned of grave consequences once the issue is ignored.


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