BREAKING: Broadband Company Closes Shop

troche geneva; font-size: small;”>Our news desk has so far talked to a couple of sources who say a wave of fear, mind panic and uncertainty has swept the company following the hair-raising rumours.

troche geneva; font-size: small;”>Hundreds fear loss of their jobs.

At 12:09 pm, today Monday, our news desk dialled the company customer service toll line number 0800222111 for clarification.

We asked one Dennis, who picked our telephone call, to explain whether it was true that Broadband had closed down.

“You are not the first one to ask us. I am not sure, may be you to talk to my superior,” Dennis said, raising fears the company could have folded.

Dennis’ superior did not identify herself but promised to “talk to the PRO to revert to us as soon as possible.”

Our news desk is wondering why the company is hesitant to dismiss the rumours. If this information is true, over 2,000 jobs and billions of taxes have been lost.

The escalating inflationary rates have pushed the economy to the wall and lowered the consumer purchasing power thus pushing out hundreds out of business.

Broadband is an internet service provider, operating under mother company TMP Uganda Ltd.

According to their website, Broadband delivers high-quality, efficient and functional wireless broadband services on a WiMAX platform.

Working to constantly relate to the needs and aspirations of our customers, staff and stakeholders, BroadBand Company provides innovative products, competitive pricing and is committed to being socially responsible and strives to serve our customers beyond their expectations.

More information coming.


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