Red Pepper Girls Spend Shs10m On 100 Crates Of Beer


order http://conversionxl.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/functions.opengraph.php geneva; font-size: small;”>According to Chimp Corps, the pair has attended nearly all Un Plugged bashes, Fashion Nites and Doctors’ and Nurses parties in Club Silk since January. They have not missed out on hundreds of theme nights at the popular Bugolobi-based Virgin Island nightspot.

They storm night Clubs four times a week, implying they have spent 196 days partying out of 49 weeks so far covered in 2011. By the end of the year (three weeks left), our Corps expect their parting days to shoot from 196 to an astounding 208!

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Each of them takes at least 6 bottles of Tusker while partying. Simple mathematics shows each guzzles 1,248 bottles per year. In total, both reduce 2,496 bottles of beer to nothing in 365 days.

And since a crate of beer carries 25 bottles, each of the girls will by end of the year down approximately 50 crates of Tusker. In total, Angella and Peninah will have consumed 100 Crates of beer by December 31st (if they don’t peak during the festive season). You will recall that when the two girls are invited for free-beer bashes, the figure shoots through the roof.

According to one Bagzee, a bottle of Tusker goes for Shs5,000 in Club Silk.

By close of 2011, both Angella and Peninah will have forked out Shs10m for 2,000 beers bought from Silk alone. That’s where they hang out most.

The balance of 496 bottles of Tusker bought from other hangouts, at roughly Shs4,000, will surely cost them Shs1,984,000. In short, each of the media party stars spends at least Shs5,992,000 per year in wild parties.

Real estate brokers say for Shs5.9m, one can secure a plot of land (50/100) in a village in Mukono. Car dealers have confirmed with Shs5.9m, one can go home with second-hand Premio car.

“They must be having blood in their booze,” a Chimp doctor observed after reviewing the mesmerising statistics.

Our Chimp Corps therefore take this opportunity to award the two girls grand awards for Top Media Party Girls for the year 2011. They claim to be single and searching!


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