INTELLIGENCE: Ugandans Recruited Abroad To Oust M7 Before 2016


decease geneva; color: black; font-size: small; mso-fareast-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’; mso-bidi-font-family: Calibri; mso-fareast-language: EN-GB;”>The anti-Museveni movements, under the cover of “public debates, ” are spreading across the globe at a dangerous pace.

The latest “debate” was held at Johannesburg Hotel in South Africa on December 3.

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Hundreds of Ugandans living in South Africa deliberated on how to remove Museveni from power.

This is the second meeting at the same hotel in less than three weeks.

The topic of the day was “IS UGANDA A FAILED STATE?”

Moderated by a one Roger James Aguma and chaired by opposition stalwart Malcom Matsiko, members concurred that Uganda was being led by a corrupt government that needed urgent replacement.

Members further revealed opposition in Uganda was taking long to remove Museveni because of what they termed as “fear factor.”

They said most Ugandans fear to rise up in arms to ask for adequate service delivery rom civil servants because government had developed the culture of intimidating and brutalizing society.

Members said there was urgent need for extensive sensitization to enable Ugandans overcome fear.

They further said Uganda had flatly fallen short of putting in place a functioning health sector and infrastructure.

The opposition members blamed government for providing a lax security, citing the recent murder of Rwandese journalist Charles Ingabire in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

The exiles further hinted on the difficulty in obtaining identity documents from the Uganda High Commission in Pretoria.

This investigative website has been told the meetings are aimed at recruiting more Ugandans in diaspora with the view of forming a united front to oust Museveni from power before 2016. The movements are being funded by wealthy Ugandans and sympathisers in diaspora.

The third meeting will be held on December 18.

The South Africa political heat follows a chaotic debate organised by FDC-UK chapter in London last month in which renegade UPDF officer Col. Samson Mande called for use of arms against Museveni.

While speaking to thousands of NRM supporters at Booma Grounds in Kisoro last week, Museveni said no one is capable of destabilising his government.

He said none of the opposition leaders is capable of providing the peace Ugandans are enjoying today.


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