M7 Fires Back On Opposition War Threats


erectile geneva; font-size: small; mso-ansi-language: EN;”>“Nobody is capable of using violence to disrupt the existing peace in the country. I ask Ugandans to ignore those negative forces and alarmist statements and only work to improve their household income in order get rid of poverty, ” the President said Friday in Kisoro district.

“Your security is guaranteed under NRM; just go home and work to overcome poverty,” he assured a huge gathering of NRM supporters at a function held at Booma grounds to celebrate the NRM 2011 presidential and general election victory.

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The remarks come shortly after FDC leaders gathered in London where they publicly urged Col. Kizza Besigye to pick up arms against government.

At the same meeting, UPDF fugitive officer and rebel PRA leader Col. Samson Mande called for war against Museveni. Mande said Museveni only listens to the sound of the gun.

Mande further stressed it was the only way of removing Museveni from power.

The convention, which was attended by FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso and former presidential candidate Sam Lubega, was dominated by war-mongering and calls for federalism.

Nevertheless, Museveni said if one looked at the approach and political orientation of other political parties and players in the country, one would realize they lack the capacity to guarantee the peace, stability, national unity and development of the country.

He further said NRM had managed to earn and consolidate its support in all parts of Uganda because of playing clean politics.

“NRM politics is free of tribal, religious or gender-based sectarianism and has promoted the youth and the disabled in politics,” he said.

Museveni said sectarianism and marginalization as well as failure to focus on development programmes, had led to the collapse of the previous regimes in Uganda.

The President assured the nation it was impossible for the NRM to commit the same mistakes because they are not part of the founding principles of the Movement.

Museveni commended Kisoro district in particular and other Ugandans in general, for massively voting to retain the Movement government in power in this year’s February General elections.

Museveni said Kisoro, which overwhelmingly gave 94 percent of their vote to Museveni in the 2011 Presidential elections, had distinguished them as foresighted citizens of Uganda. He said NRM supporters had made the right decision to retain the NRM Party in power.

Earlier, the President visited a model farmer, Susan Rwaretse. She is involved in dairy farming and production of maize, Irish potatoes, beans and bananas where she earns a staggering Shs35m annually.

Museveni asked the upcoming farmers to learn from the existing model farmers in their various areas and appealed to local leaders to help on agricultural enterprise selection putting into consideration the average land holding in their areas.

Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Tress Bucanayandi, said agricultural production had gone up in Kisoro district adding that the neighboring countries of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) depend on Kisoro district’s food production.

He said the new challenge was agro-processing and value addition to enable the district’s produce to reach distant markets.


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