Fear As Rwanda Spies Swarm Murdered Journalist's Burial

Earlier security in Uganda had ordered that Ingabire be buried in Rwanda.

However, viagra sale Rwanda embassy in Uganda later intervened, viagra compelling relatives to bury the deceased in Rubaga after a short memorial service at Evangelical restoration Church in Bakuli, a Kampala suburb.

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Ingabire’s bereaved relatives arrived in Kampala on Saturday morning.

A relative said they bowed to Rwanda Embassy’s pressure after it became clear it would take at least a month to secure a permit for the body to be carried to Kigali for burial.

The body of Sgt. Hassan Hakizinga, a Ugandan who died mysteriously while serving in Rwanda army has never been brought to Uganda.

For three years now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been negotiating for the release of the body buried at Kanombe Military Cemetery in Kigali.

Meanwhile, during Ingabire’s burial, speakers said the murder had taken away the flesh “but the burning spirit for change of government in Rwanda was growing steadily.”

The better part of mourners did not want their pictures taken, saying their enemies will easily hunt them down.

One of the speakers cautioned Rwandese living in Uganda of possible infiltration by Kigali spies.

Mourners told our reporter most spies were residing in Bakuli, Old Kampala, Mengo, Nakulabye, Rubaga and Bukesa.

For ethical reasons and security for Rwandese refugees who attended the burial, we chose not to publish pictures taken at the low-key function.

Shortly before his burial, doctors at Mulago said Ingabire had been shot twice in the head and another bullet lodged in Inyenyeri news editor’s throat.

Ingabire was shot dead by un-identified assassins on Friday morning outside Makies 2 pub in Bukesa, Rubaga division.

Ingabire was born and raised in Rwanda. The Inyenyezi editor left for exile in 2007 after having misunderstandings with President Paul Kagame’s government.

Ingabire had a family in Rwanda.

The function was swarmed apparently by Rwanda military intelligence operatives who kept murmuring walkie-talkies.

A mourner said there was a plan by Kigali to hunt down and eliminate suspected opposition leaders hiding in Rwanda.

The murder has embarrassed Uganda’s security which is tasked with protection of refugees. The incident shows how lax Uganda security is.

Following the thunder of gunshots that took away the precious life of the journalist, a cloud of fear has hovered over the entire Division.

Several Rwandese residing in Kampala have since complained of harassment by Rwanda spies.


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