M7 Says Makubuya Authorised Shs142bn For Bassaja


information pills more about "sans-serif"; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-family: Verdana; mso-ansi-language: EN;”>Through his spokesperson Tamale Mirundi, discount the President clarified he never authorized Shs142bn to be released for compensation of the businessman’s loss of Nakasero market.

Former Attorney General Khiddu Makubuya yesterday told Parliament Museveni ordered the exorbitant sum of money be wired to Bassaja’s account.

Makubuya further told MPs that as an appointee of the head-of-state, his role was to carry out instructions as long as they did not break the law of Uganda.

Bassaja has since affirmed his payment was as a result of a Presidential directive.

Below is a statement made by Mirundi today before press at Media Centre in Kampala.

Several reports have been made in regards to the controversy surrounding the sale of certain Kampala markets and the eventual compensation of some individuals for these same markets. H.E The President has been mentioned as originator of compensation directives to individuals. This is incorrect.

In 2008, the then Kampala City Council (KCC), saw fit to sell off Kisekka, Nakasero and Owino markets to various private sector businessmen. The new management teams, enacted by these businessmen, then increased market dues and levies, which in turn led to vendors protesting against what they considered exploitative rates. The vendors, having failed to get remedy from KCC, then petitioned President Museveni.

Following their petition, The President convened a meeting of various stakeholders from KCC and Ministry of Local Government, amongst others. The meeting found that KCC was not right in selling off the markets to individuals. The meeting then resolved; Selling and renting of markets to individuals stop; management of markets reverts to vendor associations and future development of all city markets would be spearheaded by the vendor associations, with private partners if they so opted, or/and Government.

Subsequently, following implementation of these resolutions, the private businessmen also petitioned H.E citing loss of revenue and business. On consultation, The President was informed that indeed there was some merit to their petition as they did buy in good faith though KCC shouldn’t have sold off the markets.

It is against this background that H.E The President directed that the issues be resolved expeditiously since the market vendors’ livelihoods had been placed in danger by KCC.

A committee was then setup headed by the Attorney General and comprised of various government departments. State House was never represented on the committee. It is this committee which eventually recommended and decided upon the amount for compensation.


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