Sudan Fires Kenyan Ambassador


This came after Kenya High Court ruled Monday the Sudan despot must be arrested on sight if he ever sets foot on Kenyan soil again.

Sudan’s foreign ministry has ordered the Kenyan ambassador to leave the country within 72 hours.

Sudan also recalled her envoy in Nairobi, approved directing him to immediately pack his bags and return to Khartoum.

The flaring tempers have set the diplomatic relations between Sudan and Kenya on the rocks with analysts fearing war could break out between the two countries.

The development further shows how Bashir is being isolated for crimes against humanity. He is wanted at International Criminal Court (ICC) for perpetrating genocide in Darfur.

The expulsion of Kenya envoy further underlines the dictatorial nature of Bashir, erectile who has no respect for independent organs of democratic countries.

As if this is not enough, East Africa Community Presidents are hugely expected to throw Bashir’s plea for inclusion in the regional bloc in the dustbin during a meeting in Burundi Capital, Bujumbura tomorrow.

Observers say Bashir is these days ranting and desperately conducting himself like fallen Libya leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi as rebels close in on him.

Much as Bashir is well aware Kampala is mobilising neighbours to isolate Sudan as rebels step up military drills on the country’s border with Southern Sudan, it was despicable for the autocrat to take such an action basing on a ruling of an independent court.

Tension hit peak levels Monday when The High Court in Nairobi issued the arrest warrant for Bashir.

In August, Kenya allowed Bashir to visit the country in total defiance of the ICC warrant hanging on his head.

Enraged, a non-governmental organisation, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), subsequently dragged Kenya government to court for ignoring international laws.

The organisation argued Kenya was a signatory to Rome Statute and should therefore apprehend Bashir.

Judge Nicolas Ombija ruled: “Bashir’s arrest should be effected by the Attorney General and the minister for Internal Security should he ever set foot in Kenya”.

BBC reports the African Union has lobbied for the arrest warrant to be deferred, accusing the ICC of only investigating alleged war crimes in Africa and arguing that arresting Sudan’s president would hamper the search for peace in Darfur.

Malawi and Chad are among other African countries that Mr Bashir has visited in defiance of the arrest warrant.

Some 2.7m people have fled their homes since the conflict began in Darfur in 2003, and the UN says about 300,000 have died – many from disease.

Sudan’s government says the conflict has killed about 12,000 people and the number of dead has been exaggerated for political reasons.


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