M7 Attacks NRM Rebels


Multi-choice has today Monday slashed DSTV equipment prices ahead of the festive season.

The move implies prospective subscribers of DStv in Uganda are bound to enjoy quality viewing at an affordable cost during Christmas season.

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Charles Hamya, cure General Manager MultiChoice Uganda, said in a statement: “To culminate what has been an exciting year with DStv launching new channels and projects, we felt the best way to celebrate this festive season was by giving back to our existing customers and potential customers.”

“Not only is there a drastic price-drop in our equipment but at this price, subscribers will also get four months subscriptions on the Access bouquet,” Hamya added.

According to the new rates, the price of single view decoders and full kits will drop substantially.

The price of a decoder now drops to Shs299,000 from Shs390,000. A full kit which was previously at Shs 590,000 is now 399,000 inclusive of four months subscription on the Access bouquet. HD PVR decoders will go for Shs1,086,000 for the 2 Tuner, HD PVR full kit at Shs1,503,000 and for the HD PVR (4 Tuner) decoder only is Shs1,396,000 whereas a full kit is Shs1,813,500.

Subscribers have the liberty to upgrade to any of the other four bouquets available on DStv by simply topping up their subscriptions whilst at the same time leaving the subscriptions on the Access package for the subsequent periods under this campaign intact.

“This promotion is applicable to prospective subscribers across the country. We therefore encourage everyone to come enjoy the exciting programming we have lined up for subscribers on all five of our bouquets; access, family, compact+, compact and premium,” Hamya said.

“This festive season there is something for everyone and we are confident that viewers will be spoilt for choice especially now that there is a reduction in our hardware price,” Hamya said.

For existing subscribers, DStv has lined up exciting programming including Rihanna and Katy Perry on E Entertainment (Channel 124) on December 17, Christmas with a Capital C on Universal Channel (Channel 108), FlightPlan on Studio Universal (Channel 119) and Dance it U New Year’s Eve Party on Disney Channel to mention but a few.

The promotion commences today Monday while stocks last till end of festive season.

pills geneva; font-size: medium; mso-ascii-font-family: Calibri; mso-hansi-font-family: Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family: Calibri; mso-ansi-language: EN;”>Museveni said the electorate in the country should hold the anti-development political clan responsible for Uganda’s sluggish progress towards economic growth.

He cited the government’s efforts to extend sugarcane production to Amuru district in the Acholi Sub-Region and parts of degazetted Mabira forests in order to address the issue of the shortage of sugar that was resisted by opposition and some NRM MPs.

Opposition MPs led by Beatrice Anywar organized a bloody riot in 2007 protesting against the sale of Mabira forest to Mehta for sugarcane growing.

Environmentalists argued the forest was a catchment area of gases emitted by the industrial Kampala city. They further argued the cutting of Mabira would set a dangerous precedent for future generations at a time when the world is experiencing global warming.

“Opposition legislators sabotaged the country’s strategy in the development of electricity, opposed the disarmament process in the Karamoja Sub-Region and institutional land survey which set back the development tempo of Uganda,” Museveni said.

Museveni was speaking as chief guest during celebrations to mark the golden jubilee of the Church of Uganda’s Soroti Diocese. The celebrations that took place yesterday at Bethany Comprehensive Girls’ Secondary School in Soroti Municipality were presided over by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi.

Museveni assured the people of Uganda that the government will fund programs aimed at carrying surveying of institutional land to ensure that land is protected from land grabbers.

The President explained the program of land surveying was started by the government but opposition MPs politicized the process and told lies to the people that the NRM had plans to grab land from the people.

He, therefore, said that it was now time to expose those lies by the opposition.

The President strongly appealed to political, religious and traditional leaders in the country to always emphasize the need for the people to select right enterprises that can reward their efforts in an attempt to earn higher returns from those activities that they carry out especially those that have small pieces of land.

Museveni advised wananchi that have small pieces of land to embrace intensive farming to ensure that they obtain maximum yields.

The President called on the people of Teso Sub-Region and Christians in Soroti Diocese to take stock of the 50 years of in the service of the people to audit their spiritual life and the extent to which the Church has moved in the improvement of the quality of the local society it serves. He stressed that the church must be a living organization that is concerned with the people’s spiritual as well as their temporal wellbeing.

He called on Christians to be good examples in their communities by implementing the four dimensions of Jesus’ mission of preaching the Word of God, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and working. He noted that these virtues were important because the church should follow the examples set by Jesus Christ himself and St Paul who worked as they served God.

Addressing the congregation, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi called on all leaders in Northern Uganda to unite and work as one people for better development opportunities of the area irrespective of their divergent political shades. He warned leaders against greed for money saying that money had become a virus that some individuals take to be more important than the people they are supposed to serve. The Archbishop also appealed to the leaders to invest in the youth through training and mentoring them to become leaders of tomorrow.

After the Church celebrations, the President took time off to visit former member of the NRC Mr. Cuthbert Obwangor and MP Soroti County, Hon. Peter Omolo, who are sick and admitted in Soroti Hospital. He also visited Soroti Flying School where he interacted with a number of students.


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