Gen. Saleh Blocked From Meeting M7

viagra 60mg "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>While it’s said in official circles that Saleh is the closest army officer to Museveni, the NRA war hero has disputed the fact, saying meeting the President has of recent been difficult.

Gen. Saleh threw a spanner in the works when he revealed a top secretary of the President has on several times blocked him from meeting the head-of-state.

“I am asking your private secretary to accord me the respect I deserve. Whenever I telephone her with the view of meeting you, she takes my calls for granted,” Saleh said.

He was speaking during the Memorial Service for Museveni’s mother Esteri Kokundeka held at Esteri Kokundeka Memorial Primary School in Rubaya, Mbarara district.

“The other day I had ten reports for you (Museveni) but that secretary kept tossing me around,” Saleh added, attracting an ovation from the audience.

Speaking in Runyankole, Saleh complained he faced hell during Amelia Kyambadde’s reign but Museveni’s new secretary was no better.

“I wonder where you got this one from,” Saleh humorously said.

Though he never mentioned the name of the Secretary giving him headache, Saleh was perceived to be referring to Grace Akello, President’s Private Permanent Secretary.

Saleh is not the first top government official to publicly complain meeting Museveni is nowadays as hard as squeezing water from a rock.

Recently, Museveni’s Senior Advisor on Public Relations John Nagenda said it was strangely becoming increasingly difficult to meet the President for advice.


During the function attended by the First Family, Museveni described his late mother’s life as a uniting and inspirational factor. Museveni said her mother was very religious, a reason why most First Family members are saved.

He further described her as peace-loving, God-Fearing, hardworking and patriotic.

Earlier, Saleh hailed Museveni for controlling his anger shortly after the arrest of government officials in Obote’s government who detained Kokundeka at Makindye Barracks for a number of days.

It’s rumoured Obote’s Security Minister Chris Rwakasisi was behind the plot that saw the aged Kokundeka undergo mental torture at the blood-stained barracks.

Museveni has since appointed Rwakasisi Presidential Advisor.

In his speech, Museveni recalled how God advised him to spare Rwakasisi’s life when his death sentence file was forwarded to his desk for the final presidential signature.

“Because I usually pray to God for guidance, I exercised the prerogative of mercy and saved Rwakasisi,” Museveni said.

Rev Canon Johnson Twinomujuni led the thanksgiving prayers.

Museveni said her mother cherished Christian values of truth-telling, honesty and perseverance.

He further praised Kokundeka for educating her sister Kajubiri in 1995 despite being paralysed by polio.


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