Gen. Nyamwasa Faces War Crimes Trial

This came after South African government said it was considering requests from Spain and France to have the Rwanda fugitive general extradited for prosecution of crimes during the Rwanda conflict in the 1990s.

Nyamwasa fought side by side with Rwanda president Paul Kagame in the bitter 1994 war that marked the end of genocide launched by Hutu militia, information pills who reportedly massacred 800 000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in 100 days.
South Africa Friday said it had turned down a plea to extradite the exiled general to his home country where he is accused of masterminding a string of grenade attacks in Kigali last year, what is ed Reuters reports.

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Nyamwasa, who fled Kigali through Uganda, last year, denies the allegations.
“Requests for the extradition of General Nyamwasa were received from Rwanda, Spain and France. The department concluded not to grant the request from Rwanda as he had already been granted formal refugee status,” Justice Minister Jeff Radebe
said in a written response to questions in Parliament.

“With regard to the requests from Spain and France, the department is currently considering these requests,” Radebe added, according to Reuters.

He was granted refugee status by South Africa following an attempt to assassinate him in Johannesburg in June 2010, after he had fled from Rwanda.

Kayumba and former External Security Organisation boss Patrick Karegyeya last year reportedly planned to mobilise Rwandese in several countries neighbouring Rwanda to oust Kagame using arms.

However, the plot was thwarted in its initial stages by Rwanda and Uganda security services.

The two army officers, believed to be extremely dangerous, have since attacked Kagame for abuse of human rights and stifling civil liberties. They also accuse him of using the war against graft to hound political rivals.
In June this year, Rwandan police arrested suspects they described as terrorists linked to Nyamwasa and used as a conduit to finance activities intended to destabilise the country 17 years after the genocide.

Nyamwasa was once believed to be untouchable.

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