Sex-Related Murder Plunges Entebbe In Darkness


information pills website like this "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>This followed the arrest of a 29-year-old old man who reportedly used a razor-sharp machete to stab his ex-lover to death today morning.

Joseph Opeche is a resident of Katabi, Busambaga, Entebbe. The former Iraq security guard was detained for stabbing Nanfuna Proscovia, 26, five times in the chest and neck.

With a cold heart, Opeche mercilessly later forced the knife into Nanfuna’s stomach, spilling her intestines on the floor.

The miserable and defenceless woman died of over-bleeding and severe wounds.

Entebbe Police DPC Edgar Nyabongo confirmed the nasty incident, saying the suspected killer confessed to the blood-spattered crime.

Nanfuna dumped Opeche six months ago before getting married to a different man identified as Oscar Murungi, a driver attached to the Uganda Duty Free Shop at Entebbe Airport.

Neighbours to the deceased revealed the suspected killer first warned Nanfuna he would kill her for sleeping with Murungi four days before Opeche executed the deadly mission.

Neighbours confirmed they saw Opeche, who was smartly dressed in a suit, entering Nanfuna’s house. Shortly, a scream was heard.

Opeche had used a knife to take Nanfuna’s precious life. Friends found Nanfuna in a pool of blood, helpless, gasping for life.

Her four-year-old daughter, whom Nanfuna was preparing for school, looked on in awe and confusion.

The suspected murderer told police the deceased ‘ate’ all his life-savings shortly after leaving Iraq only to abandon him for another man.


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