EXCLUSIVE: Mengo Moves To Save Kingdom From Bankruptcy


stuff geneva; font-size: small;”>Buganda, store whose Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi stepped up political rhetoric a few days ago, ask is now embarking on sophisticated ways of mobilising huge amounts of resources in a desperate bid for survival.

The Kingdom will between December 15 and 16 hold the 4th annual Buganda Conference under the theme “Promoting Investment in Buganda and Uganda; Opportunities and Challenges” at Hotel Africana, Kampala.

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According to the Chairman Conference Organising Committee Apollo Makubuya, the topic not only builds on last year’s theme on poverty but aims to move the Kingdom to the next stage of creating wealth to benefit the people and the Kingdom.

“The Conference will address the vast natural wealth across the Kingdom and examine the opportunities for local and international investment,” Makubuya says.

“For many years the Kingdom has focused on pressing political and governance issues. Its quest for federalism has been informed, in part, on the desire of the Kingdom to take charge of its resources and to freely determine its priorities for development,” Makubuya adds.

“That struggle continues. But alongside this struggle, it is increasingly necessary that we as a people look at the business and investment opportunities all around us to push Buganda’s agenda forward,” he adds.

“It is hoped that this conference will help in mobilizing the people of Buganda to raise resources from within and without and to channel these in ventures like real estate development; education and health facilities as well as the development of cultural and other sites for tourism,” says Makubuya.

He further stresses that prominent financial advisors, management consultants, bankers and successful businessmen and women have agreed to share their expertise and vision on the way forward during the conference.

“In keeping with previous conference resolutions we shall dedicate the first day to Buganda’s youth who will grapple with the sub-theme of Promotion of investment & entrepreneurship skills among the youths in Buganda,” he clarifies.

Makubuya notes that the conference has four specific objectives which include taking stock of the investment opportunities and challenges in the Kingdom of Buganda.

The second objective is to examine ways in which the public in Buganda may be mobilized to work with the Kingdom to exploit investment opportunities in a manner that benefits both the Kingdom and the Public. “In this regard to explore the possibility of the creation of a mutual fund and or collective investment schemes with the help of specialized investment advisers and or fund managers,” says Makubuya.

The third objective, according to Makubuya is to offer a platform for dialogue and to create more awareness on funding opportunities and other support available for small and medium scale enterprises from the Central Government and the private Sector.”

Makubuya says the conference will as well discuss and develop a strategic approach to investments in the Kingdom, borrowing a leaf from other Kingdoms in Africa and beyond.

Invited speakers include B. Nkalubo, Premier Eng. J.B Walusimbi, Cissy Nantoogo, Charles Peter Mayiga, Hon. Mariam Nalubega– Woman M.P Butambala, Ambrose Mukiibi Kibuuka, Suzan Nsibirwa and Henry Richard Kimera. Others are David Mpanga, Medard Ssegona, Nabilah Nagayi and Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba.


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