DEVELOPING STORY: FDC Speak Out On Besigye US Medical Trip


FDC Chief Administrator Wycliffe Bakandonda has confirmed to this news-breaking website that for a very long time, visit unhealthy the opposition leader has not been
“feeling well.”

Bakandonda says shortly after Besigye was brutally arrested at Mulago round-about in April, rx his once vibrant health has never been the same again.

Besigye’s eyes were sprayed with teargas by policemen as he resisted arrest. Police used sledge hammers and pistol butts to smash the windscreen of his Land Cruiser before spraying his eyes with teargas.

On that day, sales intelligence revealed that Besigye had organised a gang of over 10,000 youths to storm Kampala for a deadly street battle with security forces.

Besigye was subsequently rushed to Kasangati Police Station where he rolled on the floor in excruciating pain.

He was then transferred to the Surgery, a medical facility in in Kololo for treatment. As fears of possible blindness hit peak levels, Besigye was flown to Nairobi Hospital in Kenya.

Shortly after, Besigye was taken to United States for specialised treatment.

According to Bakandonda, the Mulago attack was more than an arrest.

“It was a very deadly operation. They had a plan to kill him,” Bakandonda recounts.

“We have been doing an inquiry into the matter. We have doctors in United States who have been investigating whether Besigye was poisoned in April during the Mulago arrest,” Bakandonda says.

“Our people have been dying one by one. We never know what kills them,” he adds.

“There is a medical inquiry regarding Besigye’s health. We want to get to the bottom of this matter. We want to resolve this issue once and for all,” Bakandonda adds.

“Besigye has been falling sick now and again, why?” he asks.

Bakandonda says Besigye is a strongman who has never been bed-ridden by flu.

He however calls upon Besigye’s supporters to remain calm as their investigation will soon bear fruit.


This website was the first to break news of Besigye’s illness. We ran the story under the headline “Besigye Feared Sick” on November 3.

Meanwhile, below is the story we broke today regarding Besigye’s illness.

Breaking reports from FDC indicate Col. Kizza Besigye had been rushed to a hospital in United States after slipping into coma.

We are still treating this matter as a rumour until we get confirmation from FDC leadership.

However, Besigye has been sick for the past two weeks. On November 12, Besigye was worn out by flu.

On the same day, he gave a speech in London during the FDC-UK Chapter debate but he spoke in a low tone. He made the better part of his presentation while seated.

Before leaving the country, Besigye had halted walk to work campaigns due to illness. He even missed the Memorial Service of his good friend Maj. Gen. Nanyumba at All Saints Church in Nakasero since his body was very weak. He was spending the better part of his time watching NTV and CNN news at his palatial home in Kasangati.

Apart from that, Besigye has for long battled a strange eye disease. While doctors advised him to give his eyes ample rest, Besigye continued battling police on streets. At one time, police sprayed teargas into his eyes as he resisted a brutal arrest at Mulago round-about in Kampala.

During his foreign trip, Besigye met UK premier David Cameron at his office in London. He later flew to his wife Eng. Winnie Byanyima’s home in United States.


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