DEVELOPING STORY: Luweero Presiding Officer Arrested

Kasozi is accused of stopping a vote recount exercise today and summarily declaring Nabukenya legitimate MP until court orders otherwise.

He was reportedly picked by police today Thursday evening and detained at the area police station. Details sorrounding the saga are still scanty.

Police presence is visible in the area. DP supporters have vowed to wage war if their leader’s victory is overturned.

1:00: Luweero District Returning Officer Peter Kasozi blocks the recount after it emerges that several ballot boxes had been tampered with.

He declares Nabukenya genuine winner of the seat before telling off NRM to seek redress if they dispute the results.

11:12am: Heavily armed units of anti-riot police have been deployed in the volatile Luweero district ahead of a vote recount for the disputed Municipality Women MP elections.

The recount, viagra sale ordered by Court after NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga was floored by DP’s Brenda Nabukenya by a margin of 30 votes, more about kicks off a few minutes from now.

DP said they would not participate in the exercise, saying the recount would be fraudulent. DP MP Issa Kikungwe told on Tuesday that NRM must respect the will of Luweero people.

Already, reports coming in indicate that DP supporters have been mobilising for a demonstration in Luweero Municipality with the view of protesting the vote recount.

Informed sources say DP does not expect to win in the recount since a friendly agent inflated votes on a register of a polling station in Kasana Township.

The loss of Luweero, an NRM stronghold reportedly shocked NRM strategists. It was the office of Secretary General Amama Mbabazi that pursued the recount.


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