Tension As Al Shabaab Plan To Bomb Uganda Police

The power dam will produce 6.6MW which will boost grid to Kanungu and Greater Kigezi sub-region.

The project is timely given the increased loadshedding faced by the country. Eco-Power, pilule a Sri-Lankan firm, clinic started the construction of the dam in 2008.

The dam will create hundreds of jobs and market for local products for workers.

Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Kabagambe Kaliisa recently said the additional electricty supply would lessen the burden of power shortage.

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price "sans-serif";”>Security has been tightened at all police stations countrywide following intelligence reports the terrorists had infiltrated the country.

tadalafil "sans-serif";”>We can confidently reveal that Assistant Inspector General of Police Grace Turyagumanawe on Saturday issued a serious alert to all police commanders to prepare for possible deadly attacks at their stations.

“I am instructing you to maintain the highest level of vigilance and alertness at all police stations. The Al Shabaab intend to bomb police stations,” Turyagumanawe ordered in a radio message.

He said the attacks might not only come through bomb attacks but also shootings by extremists.

Turyagumanawe elaborated the terrorists had changed their style of attacks, saying they nowadays throw bombs at targets before taking off.

He said plain-clothed CID officials should be beefed up at all police stations for intelligence gathering. The police chief also ordered that idlers should not be allowed at police premises.

“All visitors must be checked and suspected criminals immediately detained,” Turyagumanawe said.

Recently, Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi called upon upcountry police station commanders to be more vigilant as security in the areas was not as tight as in Kampala.

Security sources say Al Shabaab attacks were hugely expected last week.

Counter Terrorism Abbas Byakabaga has in the past two months issued four Al Shabaab threats. He has always called upon Ugandans to keep their eyes open to avert possible attacks.

The Al Shabaab attacks left over 70 dead in Kampala last year. Police have since released a terror alert hotline 0800199399 to enable public report suspected terrorists or bags in their vicinity.


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