BREAKING: Diaspora Plot To Oust M7 Widens To SA

order "sans-serif"; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-family: Calibri;”>Latest reports indicate a stepped up political activity by opposition leaders in London, what is ed Sweden, Britain, United States and South Africa.

Shortly after holding the controversial ‘Grand debate’ in London, which was dominated by war-mongering and calls for federal system of government in Uganda, another debating forum has been set up in South Africa.

It’s codenamed South Africa Kimeezza (debate platform).

Several opposition-leaning Ugandans living South Africa met on the afternoon of November 11 at Johannesburg Hotel in South Africa.

Members who attended resolved to put in place a leadership structure to champion their agenda.

Co-chaired by Ronald Ssebunya and Baker Mayambala, all renowned opposition activists, the meeting agreed that the new forum would meet on a weekly basis to debate issues affecting Uganda.

The platform would as well offer an opportunity to opposition leaders to recruit more activists to drum up international support to remove Museveni for abuse of human rights.

The development shows a shift of opposition leaders’ strategy in ousting Museveni. After the walk-to-work flop, opposition in diaspora are now looking at using debates in all cities around the world to form a parallel government.

This mighty news-breaking website yesterday Monday exclusively reported how Ugandan exiles have been plotting to form an external government based in London to mobilise resources to engineer regime change in Uganda.

The resources would be used to fuel riots in Kampala and the entire country, by extension. According to sources, the opposition in diaspora intend to raise billions of shillings to sustain a revolution in Uganda.

To them, sources say, with enough money for communication, networking, assisting the injured, bail for arrested culprits and wooing the media, a revolution against Museveni can be sustained.

The South Africa Kimeezza meeting resolved: “To open a clear platform for Ugandans living here to openly deliberate on issues and concerns pertaining their lives on topical issues which include but not limited to social, economic and other societal concerns with the aim of finding amicable solutions to the plight of Ugandans not only in South Africa but also to the majority of the people back home in our motherland.”

Most importantly, top professionals especially medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, students, teachers, businessmen, clergy and journalists attended.

Several leaders selected to drive the agenda of the forum include: Dan Malcom Matsiko (chairman), Rogers Aguma (moderator), Florence Nanyonga (General Secretary), Rev. Canon Mike Samuel Kakooza (Treasurer), Baker Mayambala Baker (publicity).

The information will surely unsettle government since it’s next to impossible to control the activities of opposition in diaspora.

Unlike other countries such United States which are capable of raising billions of dollars to fund espionage and counter measures against its enemies abroad, Uganda’s External Security Organisation is not well-funded.

Opposition leader Col. Kizza Besigye lived in South Africa while in exile (2001 -2006). The country is also home to Rwanda fugitive army chief Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and Col. Patrick Karegyeya.


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